Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras

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Here’s our list of the best dash cams for the upcoming year of 2019. We’ve selected the most important dash cams, for all types of budgets, in order to cover the full spectrum of what’s available as the year draws to a close.

This time, ten dashboard cameras have made it on our best-of list. Five of them are forward-facing (single lens) cameras, four are front-and-rear (dual lens), and of course, we also included a taxi cam due to popular demand. Most of the dash cams were selected for their outstanding reliability and video quality. Usability, post-sales support, and overall customer satisfaction were also important factors.

Things to Consider

1. Security

Dashcam is a very good security option and can help you navigate your way more easily. Records from the dashboard of your car can help provide information after an accident so that it can help people be safer than a bad driver.

2. You Must Keep an Eye on the Road

Don’t rely on dashcam alone to visualize your environment. Always use common sense and keep an eye on the road and keep your ears open for sound to warn you of danger, such as walking pedestrians or a child running to the road to catch the ball.

3. Assistance for Legal and Insurance Problems

Remember that recordings taken with your dashboard can help resolve legal situations, such as during a trial after an accident

4. Dash Cam Can Help Attention

The presence of dashcam in your vehicle can remind you and other drivers to be careful when behind the wheel.

5. Increase Vehicle Value

The dashcam that you install in your car will increase its value if you decide to sell or exchange it later.

1.Garmin Dash Cam 55

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
Garmin 55

Why did you buy this? It offers a series of powerful features that really function properly.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants the best in dash cam technology.

How much does it cost? $ 199.

Why did we choose Garmin Dash Cam 55?
At a price of $ 200, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 offers many features and quality at reasonable prices. In a crowded market, it takes more than just being good – and the unique attributes of the 55 Dash Cam provide excellence.

Video quality: 1440p | Viewing angle: 122 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Garmin has applied its knowledge of action cameras, and the mid-range Dash Cam 55 model offers sharp images and additional features that are enough to make it the top choice.

Offering 1440p video capture at 30p, video recording for the dash cam is very good, while a 122-degree viewing angle is pretty good, although there is wider optics out there. A good touch is the inclusion of a polarizing filter that can be attached to cut unwanted glare from the windshield of your car.

Vital clips are stored automatically through the default G-Sensor technology, and thanks to the built-in GPS unit, all records are stamped with time and location so that there is no dispute when and where the incident occurred.

Chucks in voice control, drive awareness alerts and neat little travelapse features, and Garmin Dash Cam 55 is among the best great dash cam.

+ Compact size

+Excellent video quality apps offer

limited control

Small battery



$179.98View at Amazon$

199.99View at Garmin US

2. Mio MiVue 766

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
Mio MiVue 766

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD


+Affordable+Small+Fully featured


-Large mount-Not good at night

Not as compact as the Garmin Dash Cam 55, but what Mio MiVue can do, is very good. This is still a small dash cam that is quite neat, while there is a large 2.7-inch touch screen on the back for simple controls. The built-in GPS handles the overlay of the speed and location of the video, while internal Wi-Fi makes transferring videos and images to smartphones and other devices easy. Above all, the 140-degree extra wide lens does an excellent job of capturing the action, while high-performance sensors ensure the resulting video recordings (Full HD 1080p at 30fps) are some of the best around.

+ Great all-around package

+Crisp video footage

SD card sold separately

Not the cheapest option

3. Nextbase Duo

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
NextBase duo

Sensor: 720p | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Nextbase has long been a leading name on the dash cam market, and this dual camera unit offers front and rear facing coverage in one simple unit, instead of running unsightly cables into separate units on the rear windshield.

The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) image processor allows recording with low light and at night, while a crystal-clear two-inch screen makes it easy to interact with menus and change settings before leaving.

At 720p resolution, the recording is not the sharpest on the market, but this unit intelligently unites the front and back images into one practical and contiguous film for easier review.

Of course, Nextbase has a loop recording function, which will automatically delete older files as needed. But it will also automatically detect and report and save important clips to the microSD card installed.

It is also equipped with a built-in GPS module, which allows the right route, speed, and position of the vehicle to be recorded, while the date and time stamp attached to the recorded record provides further additional evidence.

Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility, so taking a recording will require extraction of the memory card and synchronizing with a laptop or PC.

+Two cameras in one

+GPS functionality

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity

Low image resolution

4.Thinkware TW-F770

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
Think Ware TW-F770

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 140 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included) and internal memory

The super 2.19MP Sony Exmor CMOS sensor provides excellent quality from this slim and tiny package

Designed to be installed right under the rearview mirror, the TW-F770 has only a few small buttons and no external screen – this is because it can be connected to a smartphone via its onboard Wi-Fi.

This allows clips to be quickly and easily sent to smartphones, if you have to access them quickly, for example, but that requires additional steps to the settings and menu changes.

The Super Night Vision feature increases low-light settings to improve image quality at night, while the neat Time Lapse feature acts as a CCTV camera when the vehicle is parked.

However, remember that this mode will require a hard cable on the unit to the vehicle power supply above 12V

The onboard GPS tracker, as well as the speed and warning signals of future red traffic, make this device very complete.

+ Crystal-clear footage

+ Great night mode

No rear camera

Buttons fiddly

5. BlackVue DR650S-2CH 32G Dash Cam

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 129 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
BlackVue DR650S-2CH 32G

Often referred to as one of the best solutions for regular or professional drivers, dual-camera BlackVue includes many bases and offers many additional features that can justify a high price tag.

To get the best of its features, including a detailed parking surveillance mode, the camera requires hard cabling to the car’s power supply, but BlackVue makes it easier with the OBD II port converter, which is connected to the most vehicle onboard diagnostic ports with easy.

The 2MP CMOS sensor and 129-degree lens capture high-quality HD video recordings from the front camera, while smaller units on the back record in 720p, with incident detection technology, automatically marking appropriate video recordings.

The obvious advantage of BlackVue over some of the competitors listed here is the ability of the Over-the-Cloud, which means the driver can check footage directly from the car via a smartphone, laptop or PC, even when parking

+ A professional solution

+ Full HD recording


-Initial set-up can be tricky

6.Z-Edge Z3

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
Z-Edge Z3

Video quality: 2K and 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 145 degrees | GPS tracker: No | Memory: MicroSD card (included)


With sharp Ultra 2K HD image quality, a wide field of view of 145 degrees and a very simple user interface, Z-Edge Z3 is regularly chosen as one of the best devices in its class.

CMOS sensors and advanced image processors ensure the recordings are as sharp as razor blades, making it easier to read license plates and capture incidents with extraordinary clarity.

The 3-inch touch screen display makes interacting with the camera very easy, even though you might just set the camera and let it do it because most functions have been automated for ease of use.

Like most cameras in the list, the unit will turn on and immediately start recording when the ignition is turned on (as long as it is plugged into the power source) and turns off when the power is lost.

Memory is managed through a loop recording function, and incident detection ensures vital clips are not erased.

In short, this is a great package for those who just want a hassle-free camera that provides quality images without difficulty.

+ Superb image quality

+ Easy auto operation

-Fewer features than rivals

-GPS tracker

7.TaoTronics TT-CD06

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
TaoTronics TT-CD06

Video quality: 2K and 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 160 degrees | GPS tracker: No | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Considering the price point, it is very difficult to blame this TaoTronics model, even if it does not boast GPS to record speed and location or some additions added from more expensive rivals.

The unit itself offers G-sensors, for automatic savings from recording important events, as well as a super wide 160-degree field of view that can capture five traffic lanes.

Low-light video recordings are very good, and the audio quality is surprisingly good at this price.

Minor weaknesses include small and fiddly buttons, while lack of speed and position information may be a breakthrough for some people.

+ Super-wide field of view

+ Good low-light capabilities


-Small buttons

8.Cobra CDR 840

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
Cobra CDR 840

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 118 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Dashcam is not the type of item you buy for a luxurious appearance, but the Cobra CDR 840 is one of the few units on this list that seems designed with aesthetics.

The rear touch screen may be small, but sharp and very easy to navigate thanks to a simple joypad style switch interface, with bright red buttons labeled clearly for storing important clips manually.

Built-in GPS will maintain speed and location, while G-Sensor technology will automatically save clips if the device detects an accident.

GPS systems can prove a little touch-and-go if satellites are difficult to reach or if bad weather plays with signals, but this is another unit that is very fast and easy to set up, with little ongoing attention needed.

+ Great price

+ Stylish package

-Struggles in low light

-GPS can be unreliable

9.YI Smart Dash Camera

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
YI Smart Dash Camera

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 165 degrees | GPS tracker: No | Memory: MicroSD card

Yi dash cam was a recent participant in the action camera arena and was also busy trading in the dash cam world with several neat units that crammed a large amount of technology into their small form.

A broad field of view on the Smart Dash Camera model means being able to monitor the surrounding area and even warn the driver if the vehicle deviates from its path. Plus, a forward collision warning sounds if the device feels the impending impact on the vehicle in front.

These are all part of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) package, which works in conjunction with G-Sensor technology and sees the camera automatically recording and storing clips in emergency situations.

The all-glass lens, high resolution, and impressive f / 1.8 aperture means that the video is recorded in clear and clear low-light situations.

+ Lane departure warning

+ Built-in Wi-Fi

-Lack of GPS

-The suction mount could be better

10.RoadHawk DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam

Top 10 Dashboard Car Cameras
RoadHawk DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam

Video quality: 1080p Full HD | Viewing angle: 120 degrees | GPS tracker: Yes | Memory: MicroSD card (included)

Simplicity is the name of the game here, and what RoadHawk DC-2 lacks in its exterior appearance and additional features that make it more than a substitute for exceptional picture and audio quality.

Gyro balanced image stabilization and high-quality sensors combine to make excellent recordings, even in low-light scenarios, while audio-in connections allow additional microphones to be added.

GPS technology is included to maintain speed and location data, although external GPS antenna connections are also offered if you need a stronger and more reliable signal.

+ Image stabilization

+ External audio input

-Not very stylish

-Limited features


Dashcam will not only improve safety while driving but can also make it easier for you to navigate, especially in complicated and tight situations and when you are in an unknown location.

What’s more, recordings recorded from your dashboard can give you some funny videos, if the system happens to turn on when something strange happens when you’re on the road.

Many videos are shared on sites such as YouTube with crazy shows taken from an inconspicuous camera embedded in your car. Who knows? You might share your own silly dashboard video so that the world sees it.

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