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Full review of Viofo A129 pro 4K edition

Viofo A129 Pro Duo Ultra 4K Front + Full HD 1080P Rear Dual Channel WI-FI Dash Camera. This is Viofo’s latest product, which you can buy right now.

Viofo is a brand that is always innovating products with interesting works for consumers.

As the next generation after the Viofo A129 Duo, this is certainly an exciting product to discuss and the worthy camera to try.

VIOFO 4K Dual Dash Cam A129Pro Duo 38402160P Ultra HD 4K Dash Camera Sony 8MP Sensor GPS Wi-Fi, Buffered Parking...

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Viofo A129Pro Duo Ultra 4K specs

Viofo A129 pro duo 4k uses an image sensor for the front camera with a Sony 8MP sensor, and a rear camera with a Sony 2MP sensor.

For the camera, there seems to be quite little bit difference between the front and rear camera sensors, and of course, the image from the front camera should will be better than the rear camera.

Then for the lens, this dashcam uses Lens Front with F1.8, and Rear with F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens, this is a good improvement from the previous version.

Like most dashcam, for this camera display feature supports LCD Display 2 inch HD LCD, this dashcam relies on an LCD screen with HD quality, I think this is pretty cool.

The next for video resolution, both the front camera and the back camera both support 1080P, so in terms of image resolution the front and back cameras are equally cool.

Then for the video format, Viofo A129 Duo Pro Ultra resulting  the MP4 format, if you want to convert from MP4 to other formats such as 3GP, then you need software that can edit video and convert video formats.

For connection, this dashcam also provides built-in 2.4GHz, 5GHz Wi-Fi, there are two choices of wifi waves, so it makes it easy for traders to use wifi to share files or request files from your friends.

For GPS systems, there are optional built-in mounts, which can provide speed, route information so you can watch videos with compatible devices.

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Viofo A129Pro Duo Ultra 4K feature

Dashcam Viofo A129Pro Duo Ultra 4K is a dual camera where the rear camera can be connected and provide recordings simultaneously with the front camera, so you can monitor what is behind the car and in front of the car in one screen, very helpful in driving to see the front situation and rear.

For the front camera F1.8 with a 130 ° aperture is a Wide Viewing Angle

As for the F1.6 rear camera with a 140 ° aperture with a 2.0 inch HD LCD screen

With this camera, Viofo claims to be able to show license plates clearly during the day and night.



The Dashcam is also equipped with a built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wifi Dual Band, providing a faster experience for data transfer speeds up to 8MB / s.

You need the Viofo application to use this feature


For optional features there is a GPS built-in mount, with this feature allows you to record speed and route of the road, this will also maintain synchronization of the camera clock with GPS time, and you can playback recordings by connecting to compatible devices.

It will be very fun to look back at your trip recordings, how many minutes the vehicle mileage compared to your trip mileage.

Another feature that also gives more value to the dual-channel dashcam is the parking mode with three options for automatic event detection, timelapse and low bitrate recording.

Using automatic event detection will automatically record moving objects or impacts, 15 seconds before the event and 30 seconds after that.

With time-lapse, the video recording will use this low fps rate to compress long files.

While the low bitrate recording option is useful for recording videos on low bitrate to save storage space.

If you want 24-hour surveillance during parking mode, you can buy the optional HK3 ACC Hardwire kit, with this even though your machine is off this kit that will supply camera power and to prevent battery discharged.

Another very interesting feature is the Bluetooth remote control, but this also includes optional which needs to be purchased separately, but by using this feature you can protect important events so that they are not overwritten without always having to use your eyes to monitor the road, it looks pretty cool, but need to spend more money to get this feature.

Another cool feature is the high-temperature protection, by using a sensor to detect heat on the main chipset, and when heat is detected to a certain degree then automatically shut down this to prevent excessive heat, thus securing your dashcam, maybe this feature quite troublesome when it occurs when they are recording an important event.

To reduce glare, you can add a Circular Polarizing Lens, this will give better picture results, but if you don’t want to add this feature it also doesn’t become too problematic.

This camera is also equipped with an emergency recording feature, when a collision occurs it will automatically record events and save and protect against being overwritten, so this will provide footage when you need this data.

Besides that like most dashcam, this also supports loop recording, where the old file will be if the SD card is full, so the recording will continue, but you will lose some of the overwritten recording.

There is also a motion detection feature so that it will automatically detect motion then record events around your vehicle.

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What is in the box?

For the purposes of installation in the box there

  • Front camera
  • Rear camera
  • Car charger
  • Rear camera cable
  • Mini USB cable
  • GPS mount
  • Trim removal tool
  • Clips
  • 3M stickers for front camera
  • 3M stickers for rear camera
  • Mount for rear camera
  • Card reader adapter.

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For design, this has the same shape as the previous generation, relying on wedge shapes, so it will be hidden when you install it in your vehicle.

This design is quite unique and many users are satisfied with this form because they can record without many people knowing it.

Maybe for some users, they are not too concerned about the form of design but the most important are the features embedded in it.

But for some others, they also consider this form apart from the features offered, this will be more interesting with the useful features.

9 Total Score

Viofo brand seems always to want to make technological breakthroughs, the presence of Viofo A129Pro Duo 4K provides an option for dashcam users.The features developed to be better than the previous generation made this dashcam a better value.But for some users, maybe the price offered is still quite expensive compared to the Dashcam Viofo A129 duo.However, this product deserves appreciation, with some features better than the previous product.

  • Capable to record on the front and rear cameras simultaneously
  • Ultra HD video quality on the front camera (3840 x 2160P 30FPS) and Full HD on the back camera (1920 x 1080P 30FPS)
  • Hidden wedge shape
  • Advanced parking mode
  • Must buy an optional device that is sold separately for some features.
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