One of the products from Acumen is the XR10 rearview mirror, dashcam, which is rich in advanced features, offers a better rearview dashcam than traditional cameras.

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Acumen is a company that focuses on creating innovative dashcam to maintain the comfort of its users.

The headquartered in Los Angeles. It has manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, and Hanoi, Vietnam. With the presence of the XR10 rearview from Acumen, it provides the latest solution for the driver to get safety while driving.

Let me provide a detailed review that might give you an image of how this product works, so it becomes one of the choices for your comfort driving.

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam Digital Rear View Mirror 10'' Touch Screen, Dual Lens 1080P Full HD Cameras ADAS Motion Detection...

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Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 specs

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

The Acumen Dashcam XR10 support 1080P full HD (front and rear cameras), alongside with the WDR and HDR functions.

With Lens Aperture: F 1.9 and also support for night vision so that even if you drive at night, you will still clearly see the conditions in front of your vehicle, this is very helpful while you are traveling at night.

Another specification that becomes an exciting feature is motion detection, other rearview cameras may widely own this feature, but with this feature will undoubtedly make this dashcam XR10 worthy of choosing.

Especially with the size of the Screen Size: 10 “, a screen that is quite wide compared to other traditional cameras, which is one of the superior when compared to conventional dashcam.

This rearview camera supports English and Chinese Simplified with video format: MOV and Image format: JPG then for video resolution: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720, and there are also standard color effects.

XR10 already support loop recording with Seamless loops, also helps G-Sensor:

Auto Shut Down when the machine is turned off, then memory card support: TF / micro SD from 8GB to 128GB, using class 10 micro SD, will be better. It has a backup camera, and there are also built-in speakers.

Able to record timelapse with Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ

Besides, this dashcam rear view also supports parking mode with Input Power: 5V 2.5A and 500 mAh battery capacity.

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Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

In terms of design, this rearview camera is very similar to the rearview mirror in general, but with premium quality, making the XR10 rearview camera screen can reflect light behind you even though the camera is off.

The default screen of the camera has been well designed by the manufacturer to give satisfaction to the customer.

If you are on a trip, maybe even people will not suspect that you are using a digital rearview mirror.

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Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

With a 9.66-inch touchscreen camera, one of the features that distinguish this Dashcam XR10 from another traditional dashcam, this is an adequate and comfortable screen to view it.

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ADAS (advanced driver assistance system)

The main feature of this rearview camera is the ADAS or advanced driver assistance system.

This is a sophisticated feature that has been developed in several types of the dashcam, including pinned on the dashcam from this Acumen manufacturer.

With this ADAS feature will provide a warning of danger to avoid collisions, which will remind you when out of the lane may be due to fatigue or you lack concentration, so this will reduce the risk of accidents.

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G-sensor feature

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

G-sensor is also known as a gravity sensor. The helpful feature causes dashcam locks and secures the recording when a collision is detected.

One exciting thing is the level of sensitivity of the G-sensor can be adjusted as needed so that it will not record too many recordings that are not necessary when you drive.

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Loop-recording feature

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen


With the loop recording, feature dashcam will automatically overwrite the oldest file to ensure smooth recording without memory interruption.

One more thing, you can adjust the length of the video with your settings from 1 minute, 2 minute, or 3-minute segments.

The loop-recording design ensures smooth recording, no matter how much memory you have.

But don’t worry about essential files recorded in the crash will not be deleted.

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Parking Mode and Motion Detection

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

Motion detection and parking mode features will provide comfort when you leave your car in the parking lot.

But don’t forget to activate the parking mode when you leave your vehicle.

If another vehicle hits your car in a parking lot, the XR10 digital rearview mirror will automatically wake up and record 10 seconds and then turn off, capture significant evidence of the incident, and this will be useful when you are in court.

Or even if there is no collision, but this XR10 digital rearview mirror will record movement around the car, preventing your car from vandalism.

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Wide-Angle Lens

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

Acumen Digital Rearview Mirror is capable of recording HD 1080P on both front and rear cameras, which can record video at 30 frames per second in 1080P resolution.

With a front camera angle of 140 ° and a rear camera of 100 °, the Acumen Digital Rearview Mirror Dashcam will have a wider range that will monitor traffic from all directions, also reduce blind spots, and will expand your viewing angle so that you will protect you from accidents.

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Waterproof Rear Camera

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

Another excellent feature is the waterproof rear camera. This will give you a clear view and a sense of comfort even when bad weather is happening because maybe on the way there is heavy rain.

You will not worry too much about the rear camera being exposed to rain because the rear camera is waterproof.

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Flexible Camera Lens

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

To adjust the camera lens, you don’t need to worry because this XR10 camera lens is very flexible, you can change the direction of the camera lens to match the dashcam screen on your rearview mirror.

When the dashcam mounted on your rearview mirror, you can adjust the camera lens, which can be extended to fit your rearview mirror.

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What is in the box XR10?

Acumen Mirror Dash Cam XR-10 Touch Screen

When you buy the Acumen Mirror Dash Cam Digital Rear View Mirror 10 ‘package, it includes:

  • Digital Rear View Mirror
  • Car Charger
  • Rear View Camera and Cable
  • Mounting Elastic
  • 3M Adhesive
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Memory Card
  • Card Reader
8 Total Score

With a variety of features available, this camera provides a solution for driving comfort by not blocking your view through the windshield.With an affordable price and with the quality of goods offered and after-sales guarantee that prioritizes user satisfaction, is a reason to use this dashcam.In terms of users, this is likely to be one of the products that will increase sales.

  • Up to 2 years guarantee from Acumen
  • Easy installation
  • 10-inch screen with premium quality
  • Waterproof rear camera
  • Bit expensive compared with a similar product
  • The recording looks concave
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  1. i have purchesd aacumen elite c28 dash cam but cannot find it on line

  2. Doesn’t work in the rain , the other day it rained and the rearview camera was almost visible . Blurry is more like the view I got.

  3. Reply
    Guillermo Arostegui May 4, 2021 at 11:11 pm

    I just had this camera professionally installed. I soon noticed the annoying three soft beeps emitting from the camera. I am not able to locate any information that shuts the annoying beeps off! And most importantly what are the beeps for?
    Can you help me?

  4. Reply
    Guillermo Arostegui May 4, 2021 at 11:15 pm

    Did my previous comment not go through?

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