AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

AUKEY® is a company that has expertise in hardware to design and build solid and reliable electronics, as well as cellular technology accessories.

The company holds many kinds of electronic equipment from USB-C accessories, smartphone lenses to Bluetooth audio products.

AUKEY is the top seller of global Amazon and has partners in more than 50 countries

One of the mainstay products is an Aukey dash cam Dashboard Camera Recorder with Full HD 1080P, 6-Lane 170 ° Wide Angle Lens, Supercapacitor, G-Sensor and Clear Nighttime Recording.

Aukey Dash Cam DR02 model is a 1080p dash cam that has all the standard features in a slim low profile design with an easy-to-use interface.


AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Display TypeLCD
Wireless RemoteNo
Item model numberDR02-USA
ResolutionFull HD 1080p (30 fps)
Image SensorSony Exmor IMX323 2.19-megapixel CMOS sensor
Lens170° Wide-Angle
Screen Size1.5″
Recording ModesContinuous, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, Emergency Recording
MicroSD Card CompatibilityClass 10+
Dimensions2.2″ x 2.2″ x 1.2″


AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Sensor Sony Exmor IMX323 captures super-sharp Full HD video.

A low profile ‘stealth’ dash cam that can be installed hidden behind your rearview mirror, ready to support you if there are incidents on the road.The Sony Exmor Sensor captures in super-sharp 1080p resolution and maintains strong performance in low-light conditions for nighttime driving with a 170 ° field of view

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Installing a camera hidden behind rearview mirrorTake videos (with optional audio in the car) and still images Emergency Recording Mode, activated by a built-in gravity sensor, automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects them from being overwritten.

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Emergency Recording Mode Automatically catches unexpected driving incidents

Time-Lapse recording makes a time-lapse video from your trip. Connect to the AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna (available separately) to pin the exact location & speed data for interesting trip tracking on free third-party software and greater protection Install easily and safely into your windshield in seconds with the included two-sided 3M bearing.

It’s easier to let go if you don’t want to let it be installed after your drive – just unplug the power cord and automatically release the dash cam from the mount Supports by your standard 12 / 24V car socket via the included USB dual-port car charger (with a backup port to charge your mobile) and internal supercapacitor.

Automatically turns on and starts recording when you start your car and stops when you turn off the engine. Extreme heat and cold resistant supercapacitors are better than standard battery technology and have a much longer operating life Fill-in

In The Box Aukey Cam

  • Of course Aukey Dash Cam
  • 2 windshield mounts, one with 3M double-sided adhesive applied, and one without
  • 6 cable management mounting hooks, each with a 3M adhesive sheet
  • 2 additional 3M adhesive sheets for installation
  • 1 car charger with two USB ports. With a 3.1amp output, there is plenty of power for the camera and for charging the phone.
  • Electric cable 4 meters long or 4.37 yards
  • Guarantee card
  • Lastly, the owner’s manual is really readable.
AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

In the box AukeyDashCam

Mounting Cam

  • The first step Clean the area well and make sure it is dry.
  • Step two Then you can choose to go ahead and mount the camera. I think it’s easier this way to align the entire camera correctly when sticking it in place than just trying to put the mount on itself.
  • The third step Remove the adhesive layer and attach the camera carefully and attach it to the windshield while trying to maintain the level.
  • Step four Now the fun part, run the power cord. Please and attach the cable to the camera.
  • Step Five Depending on the brand and model of your car, this part may be easy or difficult. In the 2013 Honda Fit car, it can easily slip the cable past the headliner and run it on the top of the fully hidden windshield.
  • Step six Bringing back the cable was a bit strange because of the strange A-pillar design. use 3 loop cables to first tighten the cable in the corner of the windshield, then a little further down and finally in the corner of this small window. The available cable loops are easy to use, just place the cable between the loops and press the tab until it snaps into place
  • Step seven You might want to empty your glove box before the next section. Now to access the space behind the glove box that you have to do, for most cars it is just to push the side panel of the glove box in until the plug can slip by the frame, which then allows the entire glove box to flip over.
  • Step Eight Next, we want to drop the cable and go under the dash. In the Fit section, there is a perfect access hole between the glove box and the dashboard side. We can wrap the cable through here and behind the glove box.
  • Step Nine Now you can attach the cable behind the dash to another gap in the panel between the center console and the glove box compartment.
  • Step Ten Now you can feed the cable behind the dash to another gap in the panel between the center console and the glove box compartment
  • Eleven’s step Connect the charger then the power cord.
  • Step twelve with the two ends connected, it’s time to set the slack left in the power cord.

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Once linked, the camera is easily removed from the holder for storage.

Now it’s time to turn it on. Turning on the car will automatically turn on the camera.

In the initial settings, the first screen asks you to choose the language and then enter the date and time

Also if you don’t format a micro SD card like me, you will be asked to do it, which only takes a few seconds to complete.

Even though the screen is only 1.5 inches, the text icon and sharp and highly legible menu make it very easy to navigate through all settings and confirm resolution, loop time, etc.

Image quality

Although Aukey focuses on the end of the market budget, it does not reduce image quality.

The DR02 resolution is only Full HD, and the data speed is not large – but the end result is very acceptable.

Needless to say, this is day and night compared to the old dash cam. Placing footage from both sides side by side was a clear victory for Aukey in everything. Just trying to read a plate is almost impossible on an old camera, but it’s clear to Aukey.

You must forgive the reflections off the dash on the windshield; it is another peculiarity of Fit.

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dash Cam Recorder with Full HD 1080p

Aukey cam compared with the old cam

To focus on Aukey I tried to go around in a number of different conditions

When dawn drives in direct sunlight, the camera compensates for excess lighting properly. I am blinder than that camera.

In the middle of a slightly cloudy day, the camera does its best with the clearest images and the ability to read tags from a considerable distance.

During a standard afternoon bath, this is the same story. In almost dusk conditions, the picture is not as clear as daylight but it is still enough to read road signs like this.

Driving on a night without a moon, that’s not what I call night vision, but with the only source of light coming from my headlights and the street lights occasionally I can still look forward very well. For those of you who might be curious, after I downloaded all of these recordings.

I noticed that 5 minutes of recording requires around 500MB of storage. So with a 64gig SD card, you can get around 10 hours of recording or about 20 hours on a 128 gig card, which is the max Aukey supports

7.5 Total Score

Overall I think Aukey performs very well, it's not 4K but it's all you need in a perfect sized package at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for an update or even your first dash cam. Aukey 1080p Dual Stealth Dash Cams DR02D doesn't prioritize features, but they provide respectable video quality at a sharp price.

  • Super-Sharp 1080p Video
  • The camera can't be easily seen by others who approach the vehicle
  • Very long USB power cable
  • Low-profile "stealth" dash cam
  • Nighttime Recording
  • No MicroSD card is included out of the box
  • There is no built-in GPS
  • Nighttime Recording
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