Best Dashcam For Semi Trucks

You are a truck driver or truck, drivers semi truck, fleets, commercial, vehicles, maybe you think that having a dashcam is not that important, but imagine, you might be on the road 24 hours seven days a week, and at some point, you need proof when a motorized vehicle or car hits your truck.

Maybe at this time you just realized how important it is to have a dashcam.

And for this, you need a dashcam specifically created for semi truck or pick up vehicles.

In this case, we will try to help to choose the dashcam that is suitable for the semi truck and pickup vehicle that you have.

Today it is increasingly popular to use dashcam for your truck, which may be expensive, and this will be a compliment and help your trip to record all the events you face on the highway.

Top 5 Best Dash Cam Trucks

There are many kinds of dash cam on the market that can be used on your semi truck and pick up, below is a dash cam for semi trucks which in our opinion is the best, there are five dash cam trucks that we recommend for you.

Best Dashcam For Semi Trucks

The features available on this wheelwitness make this dash cam from Wheelwitness one of the best dashcams we recommend.

This dash cam has been used by millions of truck drivers and they are very satisfied with the features and capabilities of this dash cam in accompanying the driver’s journey.

With the GPS feature available on this dash cam and has a price range for middle to upper and with features about the price being number two.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam can record crystal-clear video when you travel, making it good for identifying accidents.

And the proof of a clear video record will help you when faced with problems while traveling while you are driving.

Best Dashcam For Semi Trucks


This dash cam has a sophisticated lens that can record video resolutions up to 2560x1440p at 30fps or 1920x1080p at 60fps.

To record in the night conditions this camera is equipped with infrared which offers to record super night vision, dual recording at 310 degrees, parking mode, motion detection, time-lapse, and many useful features.

  • OldShark Dash Cam 3

Best Dashcam For Semi Trucks

Oldshark dashcam 3 has the features needed by a semi truck driver and pick up, with a full f1.6 glass aperture sensor capturing clear 1080p video recording, a 170 ° wide angle capable of capturing the entire road ahead

In addition, with the G-sensor detecting a collision and locking the video, this recording will be safe and protected which will be your proof of a fake accident made by someone else.

Best Dashcam For Semi Trucks

The features on Garmin will provide satisfaction with the recordings on your dashcam, features like G-sensor that will lock the crash video will make evidence in court when you need it.

There is also GPS tracking that will show your location in certain coordinates and also your speed when driving.

Apart from that, there are still other features that you can get from Garmin, which of course will make you feel safe while traveling while driving on your trip.

image of kdlinks x1

This dashcam is also our best choice for semi truck drivers and pickups, along with a variety of features making this Dashcam the choice for truckers.

By using Novatek NT96650 Processor and the AR0330, this dashcam is capable of recording at 1080p (Full HD) 30 FPS

And for the night recording mode using WDR super night vision technology, even night recording will still look good.

While there are still other features such as G-sensor, GPS module, heat resistance, and good video quality.

Fleet Dash Cameras – Special Option.

Choosing a dashcam fleet that is specifically the first choice than with others, it is possible that each user will have different criteria.

But we will try to do a comparison of products and features that have the best capabilities and deserve special choices for semi-truck trucks or vehicles and take that is your fleet

Of the five top dashcams for truck and semi truck drivers or pickups, we selected the best for truck vehicles, in the end, we chose KDlinks X1, with the reason that the features are available and also customer satisfaction

The features available on this dash cam include clear video quality and that also makes us choose this dashcam as a special choice.

Another factor that took into consideration was a review of users, who had received many positive reviews from users who claimed that KDlinks most of them were satisfied with this dashcam, even though one or two gave testimonials were not satisfied because of some problems.

But overall, users expressed satisfaction and gave a positive review for KDlinks X1.

However, in the end, the decision is in your hands to determine which dashcam you will choose for your fleet vehicle, which may be a factor of price can also be a consideration for you besides features.

How can I install a dash cam in the company truck

As a truck or semi truck driver and pickup, which is your first time using a dashcam, you might be wondering how to put a hyphen on the truck vehicle they have.

To install the dashboard on this truck vehicle is very easy, there are many references to installation methods that you can try to apply.

If you have a cigarette lighter slot, you can buy a dashcam for your vehicle and then connect it to the lighters slot and most dashcams have suction cups that are useful for attaching your dash so that it is attached to the windshield.

With this suction cup, it makes it very easy to move from one vehicle to another as needed.

The camera will record videos for days before starting a new loop and overwriting the previous one. In the end, you can take it home and download any video to be stored safely.

What are the criteria for a Truck Dash Cam?

The criteria for features that should be available in determining the dashcam for trucks are as follows.

  • Lockable Memory Card Cover. This will authorize the fleet manager to temporarily close the memory card if needed, only the key holder can unlock the cover and remove the memory card.
  • Direct Wire Harness. Almost Dashcam to use a direct wire cable will make it easier for anyone in the vehicle to pull out to stop recording with built-in hardwire harness prevents unwanted power from being cut off on the camera. This prevents the driver or passenger from disabling the camera by disconnecting the power cord and ensuring the cam dash records as intended by the business owner and fleet manager.
  • GPS Logging. With this feature, the vehicle speed can be monitored from the recording. Some dash cam will display the vehicle speed in the video recording file.Using the application can play back GPS data on the computerThe ability to refer back to GPS files is very important in the fleet of trucks running your business to deny the wrong speeding ticket and find out the exact location of your driver on certain days and times
  • Parking Mode.

    Monitoring your vehicle while in a parking lot is important when your driver is leaving the vehicle

    Vehicles that are unattended by the driver may have someone coming near your vehicle with bad intentions, for example, wanting to steal or damage your vehicle

    With the G-sensor it will detect movement and will record the incident then save it on the memory card

  • Remote Access.  This allows business owners and fleet managers to interact with their dashboard systems remotely.
  • Wide angle. By selecting a wide-angle dashcam, this will allow during the trip your driver will reach recordings with wide angles so that all events that occur during your trip will be recorded by a dashcam if there is an accident, it will be more difficult to record the event more clearly
  • HD Video. By choosing dashcam that is capable of recording with the best quality, this will certainly be useful when you need proof if you face problems and need dashcam with clear video.

FAQ for Dash Cams Truckers.

1) Why do I need a dash cam?

Because with Dash the camera will provide real video recordings and act as a silent witness in the event of an accident. Video evidence will clearly identify who is wrong and what really happened.

2) How do dash cam record videos and save them?

Dashcam records video and stores it to a memory card (Micro SD or SD) and allows them to transfer from the camera to your computer.

3) Which is better quality HD or Full HD, what’s the difference?

Nowadays most of the Cams dashboards offer 1080P Full HD recording.

Which of different video sensors, processors, and lenses can produce very different results.

Bitrate from the dash cam describes the size and compression of video recordings, higher bitrate offers better video quality but produces a larger size so that the memory card will fill up quickly.

Other factors such as lens sharpness and dynamic range are also a concern.

4) What’s the difference between the 1 channel dashcam and the 2 channel dashcam?

1 channel Dashcam is a type of cam dash that provides, 1 recording channel. while dashcam 2 channels provide 2 recording channels, which usually consist of front and rear cameras.

2 channel settings are simpler because they only need one resource, one memory card, and one processor compared with two devices 1 channel

5) How do you install the dash cam?

Most dash cam products use a 12V power adapter that can be connected to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

To install it better you have a trim tool to help run the wire.

Dash cam wiring usually involves connecting it to the vehicle fuse box and can be configured for parking mode or the ignition switch power depends only on the hardware kit you are using.

6) What is Parking Detection Mode?

Motion detection technology based on light changes and built directly into the camera firmware, no need to install an external motion sensor module to use this feature.

Motion detection is very good to do in situations such as when a car is parked in a closed garage

7) Should I see a dashcam mount adhesive or suction cup mount

Depends on the function you mean from the dash cam. If you will install it permanently, we will always recommend using an adhesive stand.

With mounts, the adhesive will be stronger against vibration and far less likely to fall from the windshield in the event of an accident or extreme weather.

Suction cup dash cams are great for drivers who regularly move cameras from one vehicle to another such as in a company or rental car.

8) How does the GPS work on the dashcam?

GPS usually helps provide speed and location data on videos that can be useful if the vehicle is driven by employees or family members and you want to know the speed of your vehicle

GPS does not function as a navigation device on the cam dash and no maps are loaded beforehand.

The GPS antenna on the dash cam can be mounted to a unit or a small external part that can be mounted on the windshield or on the dashboard.

9) How does WiFi work?

WiFi offers a network for hosting between cam dashboards and the smartphone that lets you access video files and change settings.

No need for internet access for this or data charges because this is only a local network between the camera and the telephone.

Some dashcam does not have a menu on the screen and this is useful for that type.

And the screen of your smartphone serves as a replacement for the camera screen even further allowing you to share and upload videos without removing the card from the camera.

Some dash cameras offer Cloud connectivity that allows the camera to connect to separate WiFi internet sources to provide notifications and live streaming functions

10) What is the G-Sensor used for?

Dash cams use G-sensors to identify video clips that may be very important like hit and run and car accidents.

Some dashboards will put this incident into an emergency folder or event so that it is not overwritten, while other dashboards only mark file names as events with the aim that you can find them more easily.

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