How To Claim Car Insurance After An Accident?

When driving a car on a highway, there is the possibility of an accident which can damage the car. Such an incident can constitute a problem for the car owner because of the issue of repair that may require a large sum of money. However, appropriate car insurance can help car owners in the event of an accident.

It then becomes important that you know how to choose the right insurance company for your car and the correct procedures to claim your insurance benefits.

Lack of adequate knowledge about the procedures involved may make the insurance company reject your claim. That means you will be at a loss and have to pay for the repairs of your car.

This article will guide you on how to claim your car insurance benefits gradually.

You must pay attention to several things when submitting a car insurance claim. This is to ensure that your claim will be approved.

Contacting The Insurance Company

Note that after a car accident or loss occurs, it must not exceed 72 hours (three days) before you must contact your insurance company to report and request for your vehicle insurance benefits.

Try to report the incident as soon as possible. You must tell the insurance company that you are preparing the required documents.

When making your report, you must explain how the accident happened. In fact, for accident claims, you must call the insurance company first before taking the car to any workshop that is a partner to the insurance company.

When reporting, you must also get a claim form. Ensure that you fill it correctly. This is important so that the workshop can immediately start repairing your car. Usually, no workshop will work on the car without the prior knowledge of or permission by the insurance company.

Preparing The Proof Of Accident

The next point you should not miss is preparing a proof of the accident. This proof is very important. If the situation allows it, take an image of the condition of the vehicle at the scene of the accident. You will attach the photo as proof when making your claim. The image will help to complement any information from the police about the accident.

If you have a dashcam, it will be very useful in the event of an accident. The dashcam can be used to record the incident as it occurs. This will serve as strong evidence when you submit an insurance claim.

Explaining The Chronology Of The Accident

Providing appropriate information about the chronology of the accident is an important thing. You must do it right. Before approving your claim, the insurance company will take into consideration your explanation about the chronology of the accident or loss. You must mention the location of the incident, the time it occurred, and the driver of the car when the accident occurred.

Submit The Required Documents

Basically, in car insurance, there are two types of claims that can be accepted by customers. They are:

• loss and accidents

• theft

The required documents must be prepared as regards the incident.

Documents for accident claims

Every insurance company has different requirements for applying for a claim. However, the standard requirements that apply to all insurance company are as follow:

• Claim form that has been filled correctly and completely

• Photocopy of your insurance policy

• Copy of your driver’s license. Your claim will be refused if you do not have a driver’s license

• Photocopy of Identity Card

• Certificate from the police

• Proof of the condition of the car at the time of the accident (if possible)

If you wish to pay for accidents involving third parties, then you need to prepare the following requirements.

• A statement indicating the claim for compensation from the third party. This document is a guarantee that the policyholder was the cause of the damage experienced by the third parties.

• A statement which states that the third party does not have insurance. This is important because usually vehicle insurance parties are reluctant to pay third parties who also have vehicle insurance.

• Photocopy of driver’s license, identity card, and third-party vehicle registration number.

• A statement from the police stating that at certain times and places there was an accident.

Documents for theft claims

In the case of theft, you must report the incident immediately to the police so that you can get a certificate. Ensure you have the following documents when making a claim to insurance.

• Claim form correctly filled

• Photocopy of Driver’s License, Resident’s Identity Card, and Vehicle Number

• Certificate from the police regarding the vehicle theft

• Letter on blocking the Vehicle Number

For car theft claims, it usually takes up to 60 days from the time of reporting to receive the money for claim payments.

What You Must Do To Make A Claim When An Accident Occurs?

There are some crucial processes you must undergo when you have an accident and wish to make a car insurance claim. These processes are as follow:

When an accident occurs, ensure you and your car are in a safe position.

Turn on the emergency lights if the car is damaged and you cannot move it. This will help notify other road users to avoid it.

Always prioritize safety. Contact the nearest hospital if you are injured.

Make sure you save the details of the accidents such as:

  • Time: the date, day, and hour that the accident occurred.
  • Other driver’s name and contact number, if the accident involves a third party.
  • The license plate number of the vehicle involved in the accident
  • Name and contact number of eyewitness if available
  • If possible, take photos of the damage to your vehicle.
  • Check whether third parties are also injured.
  • When you are in a safe position, contact the insurance call center to request a tow truck and report an accident.
  • Report to the authorities (police) to obtain a police certificate for insurance claims.
  • Never let someone who doesn’t have a driving license drive your car. The insurance company will not approve your claim if the driver does not have a driver’s license.
  • Make sure you know the sequence of procedures and files needed to smoothen the claim process.

Benefits of having a car insurance

Having car insurance is very beneficial because it will help relieve the stress of car repair if you have an accident or experience theft at any time. However, always keep in mind that even if you have insurance, driving safely and obeying traffic signs are the best ways to protect your car.

Don’t forget to insure your car even if you buy a second one.

Why The Insurance Company may Reject Your Claim

The difficulty in managing insurance claims is often a problem for insurance policyholders. Many people are reluctant to buy an insurance policy, be it for health, car or travel. The difficulty in managing the claims is not without reasons. The agreement made between the insurance company and the buyer of the insurance policy contains all the necessary information. The agreement is bound by law, and that means your claims will not be arbitrarily rejected.

Common Reasons Your Insurance Claim May Be Rejected

  • Deadline: Postponement or rejection of insurance claims may occur if the management of the claim exceeds the time specified in the policy. Insurance companies always give a certain time limit for handling any claim. If such timeframe elapsed before you make your claim, it can be rejected. Car insurance claims must be made within 72 hours of the accident or loss.
  • Driver document is incomplete: All required documents must be completed, starting from the photocopies of the insurance policies, photocopies of driving licenses and vehicle registration letters, and the claim submission form. A certificate from the police is also needed if there is substantial damage. Also, you must provide photo proofs when submitting a claim to insurance.
  • Drivers violate the law: Another reason that makes insurance claims to be rejected is if the policyholder commits an unlawful act. For example, if he has a comprehensive type of insurance, his car has an accident due to reckless driving or breaking traffic rules. In such cases, he cannot file a claim. The same thing applies if the policyholder does not have a Driving License while driving, parked anywhere, and got drunk
  • The area of occurrence is not included in the contract: The insurance policy might include a clause regarding the area in the agreement.
  • Not reporting additional accessories: Every addition to the car accessories must be reported to the insurance company. You must attach the value of the accessories so that if a claim occurs, they can be covered by the insurance company.
  • Damage occurs before the car is insured: In this case, the insurance company will indeed return the vehicle as before. Therefore, it is necessary to do a survey and provide photos as proof. If the car has been damaged before it was insured, then, a claim cannot be made.
  • The policy is in the waiting period.
  • Intentional damage.
  • Lapse policy: Insurance policies can be inactive due to some circumstances. This inactive condition is also called lapse. The insurance company will not be willing to pay any insurance claims if the policy has lapsed.

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