Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

LANMODO Vast Pro Dash Cam Front and Rear, Full Color Super Night Vision up to 984ft, Dual 1080P Car Driving...

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Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

Previously the product that became the flagship of Lanmodo was the Lanmodo Vast 1080P Full-Color night vision camera.

Lanmodo is a company that was founded in 2015 that has launched several of their superior products including the all in one automatic car tent that provides car protection and can also be used as outdoor umbrellas, this product was launched in 2017.

In addition, Lanmodo also makes Lanmodo Barra multifunctional blankets bags for outdoor activities and Lanmodo Vast 1080p full-color night vision in 2018.

And in 2019 they are preparing for Lanmodo Vast Pro – the 1080P Night Vision System All-in-one which will soon be launched on Indiegogo soon.

Feature Lanmodo Vast Pro 1080P

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

What is offered by Lanmodo Vast Pro All in the one-night vision system, is offering a number of features including:

  • 1080P high-resolution touch screen with colorful images, giving real details
  • 36 ° wide angle, with night vision up to 300 m, I have never seen a camera that offers this
  • Waterproof and 1080P both front and rear cameras
  • This is a night vision system and an outdoor night camera
  • With recording function
  • Split Screen – The front display and rear view can be displayed on the screen simultaneously
  • A better night driving experience than the black and white night vision system
  • Even though the situation is not friendly, it rains, or the weather is bad but it remains safe

With a number of features that they offer, good night vision, this will help drivers avoid accidents early, with 300m visibility, allowing drivers to brake earlier if a hazard is detected.

Why does Lanmodo develop Vast Pro All in One Vision?

The main reason Lanmodo created Vast Pro 1080P night vision system is for driving safety, because of many reports that accidents often occur at night, and in harsh weather conditions, fog, rain or low-light conditions.

Lanmodo night vision system offers a solution to these conditions, drivers do not have to always stare at the screen all the time, but they can take advantage of feedback from cameras that have visibility up to 300m, this will give the driver the chance to anticipate the speed of the vehicle when it detects danger in front of them.

So Lanmoso Vast pro night vision is also one of the choices for truck drivers because many trucks have a long tail, so drivers have difficulty paying attention to the rear of their vehicle, with a rear camera that offers connectors up to 600m.

With the Lanmodo night vision, the driver easily pays attention to the rear condition of the screen which is able to provide separate images for the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

This product is also great for motorists who have vision problems, maybe because of age or eye disease, because with the 8.2 Inch screen, this is big enough for the display.

In addition, Lanmodo Vast Pro can also be a dashcam on your vehicle that provides excellent day and night recordings.

The advantages of Lanmodo Vast Pro All in one 1080p

What is offered by Lanmodo is the safety of driving in unfriendly situations, for example at night, the driver may experience visual impairment, because of the low light, so that the road being passed is not very clearly visible, this can certainly endanger the driver if there are road conditions which are not good, or the vehicle in front that runs slowly and is not visible, the driver might hit it.

With the best image quality, when the driver uses Lanmodo Vast Pro, the 300-meter visibility will provide an early warning if you see the danger ahead, and this is the advantage of Lanmodo.

Besides this the camera is equipped with nighttime parking monitoring, allowing the driver to record when the car is parked.

This camera also supports outdoor night observation and can be applied to more than 99% of car models.

Remain Safe Driving In Unfriendly Conditions

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

The camera’s ability to record in high quality, despite fog conditions, but the screen still shows clear recordings so that the road can be clearly seen, making driving comfortable

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

With an 8.2 inch screen, providing a wider viewing angle, it is rare for dashcam to have this widescreen, most offering a 2 Inch screen

With a screen that wide, suitable for drivers who have a less clear vision

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

Night conditions with low light and rain, the screen can still display real pictures, this helps the driver see the situation ahead when the weather is bad

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

One of the images produced gives a level of satisfaction in the case of a dash camera

Lanmodo Vast Pro — All-in-one 1080P Night Vision System review

Rain conditions also still provide good recording acyl, so it is very interesting to have this high-class camera

For installation, this product is one that is easily installed, you can place the camera on the vehicle dashboard or in the middle of the windshield and the top, with a connection to the cigarette lighter, you just need to do the installation in a simple way

For the rear camera, you can also adjust the installation, with water repellent material, providing peace even though it is exposed to bad weather when the rain comes

What are Differences Vast Pro with Vast?

Some differences from the Vast version, which is an old Lanmodo, have some limited features that Vast Pro has for this version to be launched.


For the resolution of the front camera both use 1080p, and also both screens have 8.2-inch size, while for the rear camera, the old version of Vast Lanmodo is at 720p HD resolution, while Vast Pro has the same resolution as the front camera which is 1080p full HD.


The next difference is in the anti-glare, which for the old version only uses the ordinary anti-glare, while the Vast Pro has good quality.

Split screen

Next is the split screen, for older versions, it doesn’t support a split screen and has been developed on Vast Pro which can display front and back camera images simultaneously.

Touch screen

The next development for Vast Pro is using a touch screen, while the old Vast products still don’t use touch screens, and there are also no recording and night parking monitoring features, all of which are available on the latest Vast Pro.

Why need to buy?

Lanmodo Vast Pro All in one 1080p night vision system is a high-class camera that will provide driving safety which is the main priority of the driver, this camera is able to provide visibility up to 300 meters and with good image quality.

Maybe this product will be a high-priced product because for the Vast version with a high price range sold at $499 and for Vast Pro, it will sell for $599.

But because this is still pre-launch, you still have the opportunity to get at a price of only $199 which you need to register on the website on the page provided before too late.


Products that offer driving safety include a high-class dash cam, but at a high price too, but that will pay off with safety which is Lanmodo’s top priority in creating this product.

Maybe a lot of dash cam with prices below Lanmodo can be your choice, this will also consider the finances that you have of course, only this is a cheap offer before it is officially launched by Lanmodo, so you might be quite interested in Lanmodo’s campaign to the product they will launch and try to get an early bird price for only $199.

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