Lanmodo will Launch Lanmodo Vast M1

Lanmodo has successfully launched Lanmodo Vast Pro, soon Lanmodo will launch its newest product Lanmodo Vast M1.

Lanmodo is a company that produces various automotive gadgets, automatic tents, and more. Its products have been widely used in various countries.

The Lanmodo M1, this new product will probably attract car owners because it offers its own uniqueness compared to its predecessors.

Potential buyers make it possible to get a Lanmodo Vast M1 at an affordable price by becoming a Golden Member. How about the review, here maybe you will get the answer.

Lanmodo VAST M1 Overview

lanmodo vast M1 review

Lanmodo Vast M1 is an upgrade product from Lanmodo Vast Pro. This is a specialist Night vision camera equipped with a dashcam. Carrying dual cameras front and real camera equipped with Sony CMOS sensors, increasing visibility at night vision.

To add sharpness, the Lanmodo Vast M1 uses 7 glasses of lenses to produce 1080p vision. Lanmodo Vast M1 is a dashcam that provides good video quality even in rainy, foggy, snowy forest, or dark road conditions.

Apart from being a dashcam, this Lanmodo Vast M1 can also turn into a rear camera. It helps when parking to see objects behind the car. Even when it is functioning as a reverse camera, this tool can also record the situation from behind your car.

Dashcams are in-vehicle enhancements that are useful for recording events in and around your car. This is required for evidence of filing an insurance claim when your car is in an accident.

In night conditions the Lanmodo Vast M1 can provide forward vision at a distance of about 300 meters, providing early attention protection before crashing. So driver felt safe along the way.

Specs Lanmodo Vast M1

Lanmodo vast M1 spkey feature

The Lanmodo Vast M1 has a dual dashcam with separated cameras that produce 1080p resolution for both the front and rear cameras. Carrying a full-color screen suitable for almost all cars, with an elegant model like a rearview mirror.

This camera is great for night vision, with an angle of view of 75° on the front camera and 170° on the rear camera. Lanmodo Vast M1 embeds a reliable Sony CMOS sensor that provides crystal-clear image quality.

Lanmodo Vast M1 using the IPS screen you can adjust the camera angle to get the best view.

The installation of the Lanmodo Vast M1 dashcam is also very easy, having a model like a rearview mirror can be easily placed on the windshield of your car.

Another specification is that this Lanmodo Vast M1 uses nano glue technology that provides reliable product quality.

Meanwhile, the 128GB of storage space provided is capable of providing a recording duration of up to 13 hours. And also supports loop recording which will overwrite old files when the memory is full.

Lanmodo Vast M1 design

lanmodo vast m1 design

The design of the Lanmodo Vast M1 is only somewhat similar to a rearview mirror, with an 8-inch screen dimension that provides wide visibility to record events in front of your vehicle.

In terms of design, the appearance of this dashcam is quite elegant, although it cannot be hidden that it is a dashcam.

For users who don’t look at design as a reason to buy, this dashcam has clear video quality because it is specifically designed for night vision.

For the rear camera, the design is quite small and has a viewing angle of 170°, very useful when the driver is parking backward.

Features Lanmodo Vast M1

Lanmodo will Launch Lanmodo Vast M1

Compared to the Lanmodo Vast pro, the Vast M1 has received an upgrade in front camera viewing angles. If the Vast pro is only 45°, the Vast M1 has supported 75° of viewing angles.

The key feature of the Vast M1 is the G sensor which is useful for recording collisions and locking footage. It can also record loops when memory runs out then old files will be overwritten with the newest files. Uninterrupted recording.

And Vast M1’s greatest feature supports night vision with a recording distance of up to 984ft which is equivalent to 300 meters. It even exceeds the light of your car’s headlights.

The resulting image is also 1080*1920 which is a high-quality recording. Vast M1 also supports 24-hour parking mode by drawing power from the OBD which requires low voltage so it doesn’t drain battery power.

Lanmodo VasT M1 used for

Lanmodo Vast M1 is the latest version of Lanmodo which is a continuation product of the successful Vast Pro on the market. Both have the same design, Vast M1 gets an upgrade on the front camera. Where on the Vast Pro the front camera is integrated with the system, while the Vast M1 is separated from the system.

In terms of viewing angles, the Vast M1 is also wider than the Vast pro.

The dashcam is used for your car, which is useful in the event of a collision, locked footage can provide evidence to the insurance company. Lanmodo Vast M1 is very good quality for night vision, it can be installed on various types of cars.

What’s make Lanmodo Vast M1 Unique?

Lanmodo often does presales before a product is officially launched, and that is also a marketing strategy that boosts sales.

On the other hand, the quality of video and full-color images, and the quality of the screen clarity for night vision, are the reasons people choose the Lanmodo Vast M1.

Another uniqueness of the Vast M1 is that it can still display good image quality even in low light conditions. And a separate front camera also adds to the uniqueness of the Vast M1.

Meanwhile, the rear camera uses IP 67 waterproof which protects the camera from bad weather. The rear camera serves to reverse the car, and when to park.

Lanmodo promo for Golden member

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is still waiting to be launched, but soon will be launched according to the official Lanmodo website.

During this prelaunch, Lanmodo is offering if someone wants to become a golden member, then they will get $199 worth of price which is worth 409. That saves $210.

For everybody that wants to become a Golden member, users need a payment of $ 10, which can be paid via credit card or Paypal.

Here is the link to be a Golden member.

After paying the $10 you will get a Golden Member ID. which will be used in purchasing the Lanmodo Vast M1 when it officially launches.


Lanmodo will Launch Lanmodo Vast M1

Becoming a Golden Member will get several benefits. He will have the privilege of a lifetime to order 1 unit of Vast M1 with a 128G TF card for only $199.

Becoming a golden member will also be a priority when buying Lanmodo Vast M1 on Indiegogo. Even more convenient, the $10 can be refundable if you don’t buy a Lanmodo Vast M1. So by spending $10, you get a profit when Vast M1 is released to save $210.

Lanmodo Vast M1 itself is planned to be sold in the market at a price of $ 409.

Lanmodo Day and Night vision

Vast M1 both front camera and rear camera have a resolution of 1080p. When used in full light daylight Vast M1 is capable of producing a full-color screen.

Vast M1 day light

At night use, the Vast M1 provides detailed image quality, which makes it possible to record the license plate of the vehicle in front of it. Even in low light conditions, the camera can still produce reliable image quality.

Vast M1 at night vision

Full-color image quality is still visible at night, and it is a night vision camera that many users love. And even during the day, the video footage is crystal clear.

Should to Buy Lanmodo Vast M1?

If you are looking for a dashcam that can provide the best footage for driving at night then the Lanmodo Vast M1 is a great option at an affordable price at prelaunch.

The following reasons may reinforce your choice for the Vast M1.

  • Crystal clear night vision. If you often drive in the dark, this dashcam is very helpful for mapping the road.
  • The field of view is wide and far. The Vast M1 can record up to 984 feet. equivalent to 300 meters.
  • Easy installation process. Using the mounting cup mount makes it easy to place the dashcam.
  • Suitable for many road conditions, foggy, snowy, dark, rainy, the camera can still record clearly.
  • Parking mode provides 24-hour protection with low power consumption on OBD.
  • The G-sensor is a key feature that automatically records events and locks the footage. This also works in parking mode.

Lanmodo Vast M1 Pros and Cons

Vast M1 pros

  • Strongest night vision.
  • Recording 1080p for front and rear camera.
  • Easy installation and elegant design.
  • G-sensor automatically recorded collision and lock footage.
  • Offer Golden Member with benefits $210 worth.

Vast M1 cons

  • Haven’t used touch screen technology on the device.
  • Have to patiently wait until the product is launched.


Vast M1 can be said to be an upgraded version of Vast Pro. And many reviews of Vast Pro users who have a pleasant experience at night when using this dashcam.

On the M1 with improvisation, it uses a wider viewing angle than its predecessor. Read Lanmodo Vast Pro.


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