At a price of 140 $, Nextbase 512GW – Full 1440p HD In-Car DVR Camera DVR – 140 ° Viewing Angle – WiFi and GPS – Anti-Glare Polarizing Filter – Black offers high-resolution quality video and a built-in WiFi system to easily access clips video on a smartphone.

Nextbase 512GW promises image clarity, with stronger colors and better night time image quality, this dashcam gets Sony image sensor support

Nextbase 512GW offers polarization and six-layer glass lenses to reduce glare and sharper video. The maximum resolution produced is 1440p at 30fps, but it will also shoot in 1080p at 60fps faster

Nextbase 512GW Specs

VideoQuad HD 1440p recording at 30fps and 1080p recording at 60fps
Screen 3” LCD 960 x 240 screen
Sensor imageSony Exmor R CMOS Sensor
LensA 6-element glass lens provides a 140-degree wide angle
ConnectivitySmartphone app & Wi-Fi connectivity (Android & iOS)
Memory CardSupports up to 64GB MicroSD cards
Wifi Enabledyes

Nextbase 512GW In The Box

In the purchase package in the box is

  • Nextbase 512GW Ultra Dash Cam
  • Powered GPS mount
  • Self Adhesive Windscreen Mount
  • Car power cable
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • “Protected by Nextbase” window sticker

Nextbase 512GW Design

Nextbase 512GW has a very compact design, the Nextbase manufacturer has made this dashcam better, you can place this dashcam next to the rearview mirror and set it to get the best angle.

One interesting thing is that 512GW uses Click & Go mount.

With this you can release the dash when you park if you don’t want to use it, this system is a quick release that holds the camera with a magnet, and also supplies power so you don’t need to disconnect the USB cable if you prefer to remove the dash cam from the display when you park.

Compared to the design of Thinkware, Nextwave 512GW is rather difficult to hide behind the rearview mirror – at least in a standard hatchback.

Nextbase 512GW has a screen so you don’t need to use the app to change settings and you can review footage through a 3-inch screen

Nextbase 512GW Feature

Navigating the menu for settings and also playing videos is very easy because everything on the screen is clearly labeled.

You can adjust the settings for frame rate and resolution and also you can turn on and turn off audio recording or set the number plate for the camera car.

With the parking mode feature, you can record for a predetermined period of time when the car is parked, so that you can set it as needed, and it can be turned on and off too.

GPS feature is also available on this dashcam which will make it easier for you to reach your destination

For the 512GW Nextbase storage media it supports microSD cards up to 128GB so that this will take longer before the media overwrite the oldest media

The default setting for each three-minute loop uses more than 600MB, and the low-resolution clip is also stored at a size of 70MB. Charging a 32GB card might take around 2 hours, 15 minutes.

The 128GB card has a larger size capable of accommodating around nine hours of video.

Another feature that is no less interesting is automatic dimming which decreases screen brightness at night and: time lapse.

When driving, the screen shows your current speed, so this will be a concern for the speed of your vehicle if it exceeds the speed limit

Nextbase 512GW Menu and Setting Manual

The 3-inch LCD screen is on the back of the 512GW camera with sensitive touch buttons

The menu button can be seen clearly, for you to make video settings, from this screen you can also change the resolution, or make settings to vary the exposure between +2 and -2 in five steps.

To adjust your number plate, so you can stamp it on the video frame you can enter your vehicle’s license number.

You can also add for time and date settings, GPS location, speed and dashcam model numbers

Other additional information

You can set the lap duration to be in two, three or five minutes. Time-lapse option with a period of three minutes or two hours between frames

By activating parking mode, Nextbase 512GW in standby mode will record two minutes of video each time it detects physical movement.

You can set G-sensor at High, Medium or Low, or if you don’t want to use this feature you can turn it off.

This feature will detect movements that indicate an incident, and will automatically mark the current video recording as an emergency, and keep it from being overwritten.

You can also switch to photo mode, which can capture images at a resolution of only 1920 x 1080.

This will be useful if you need to take a few photos of damage at the accident site.

Rear camera

You can install a back camera that is small enough to stick to the back window using 3M adhesive.

Backup pad included in the box. With the hinges, you can tilt the camera up and down or left and right, this will be useful to adjust the position of the rear camera in the rear window of your car

There is a 6m cable included in the camera with a thick size, it may be difficult to hide on the door pillar. Maybe you need to cut it if it’s too long, especially in hatchback cars

You can try adjusting the rear camera installation, in the wiper lane or in the vehicle

The advantage is that this camera has a decent sensor at 1080p.

Even though it’s not the best but when the light is good, you can easily see the license plate even if the car doesn’t stop behind you,

Nextbase 512GW Performance Quality

Nextbase 51GW with image quality with full HD resolution provides recording in color without artifacts.

You can see with clear picture quality when you switch to camera mode it will be useful to take pictures that may be important as proof when you need them.

For general video performance, video quality is very good.

To adjust the camera you can adjust the angle and direction of the light, but of course when driving cannot always adjust this to the direction of the sun

Nextbase 512GW Is right to Buy?

Camera recordings have fantastic results, with a medium price range, this should give more, but some users have complained after using for several months, this camera crashes

The only advantage of this. Dashcam is because it can be a dual dash cam. By connecting the GWRC (rear cam), you can storefront and back recordings on one SD card, both recording decent 1080P quality.

With GPS capabilities, Wi-Fi and facilities to view videos next to map locations through Nextbase software, it will do a good job as a personal automotive surveillance device.

But what you need to consider is that with such a price range you should consider others who are in the same range

8 Total Score

  • 1440p image quality is good
  • Quick release mount
  • Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone applications
  • Lack of advanced cam dash features
  • Photos only have resolution 1920 x 1080
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