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Rexing V1 Dash Cam

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Rexing V1’s dash cam is above the budget price, with competitive prices, but this helps the camera outperform competitors. With a very wide viewing angle of 170 °. This dashcam can record at Full HD 1080p

Rexing V1 comes with 2 Self Adhesive pads, allowing you to fix the installation onto the windshield permanently.

It can produce recordings that are very stable and allows you to clamp or turn off the camera easily.

According to users, this camera is the most easily prepared and prefers the quality of recording than other budget cameras. It handles low-light recording very well compared to other cameras that are similar to the price of this camera

Rexing V1 image of rexing v1

Brand and ModelMax ResolutionDisplayG-SensorGPSViewNigt vision
Rexing V11080p2.4*YesOptional170 DegreeYes


Comes with a Rexing V1 AR0330 170 degree 6 glass lens that allows car camera recorders to have wide viewing angles. However, the position of the lens is very important.

A lens mounted on the bottom of the device can be activated. This ensures an accurate position depending on the angle of your windshield.

Video recording

Like his sister Rexing S300, for Rexing V1 here the resolution supports full HD and 720p. If you want to save storage space, 720p will be a better resolution.

Another case, choose the default full-HD resolution for maximum detail with this device

To be honest, higher resolution recordings ensure that smaller details such as license plates and sometimes even faces are captured clearly.

Taking video in VGA mode is not recommended because it defeats the whole purpose of installing a 1080p dash cam

In addition, Rexing V1 comes with loop recording. In other words, if you run out of storage, it will overwrite the oldest video saved. So, you always have the means to save recordings as long as you have a MicroSD card in the slot.

Dimension and weight

Small is the word used here in terms of choosing a wise camera in a car. This is probably what makes Rexing V1 one of the best on the market. This 1080p high definition capable device is only 6.6 “x 5″ x 3.4 ”

Movement Detection

Rexing V1 has the Motion Detection feature. Thus, this can be used as a car surveillance camera in Motion Detection mode When this setting is activated, this camera can detect motion and immediately start recording

This works when you want to catch suspicious movements in the area where your vehicle is parked.

G-Sensor Memory Key

In the event of an accident, this camera will immediately lock the data stored in it because Rexing V1 Screen and Rotator On The SideThere is a sophisticated Gravity Sensing mechanism in V1.

If the dash camera detects the physical strength and gravity that applies, the camera will immediately activate the Memory Lock and lock all the data in it. This memory lock feature overrides loop recordings, meaning that the device will not overwrite data that has been locked.

Resistance to heat

Heat resistance is the main problem for any electronic device that you attach to your dash or windshield.

A good thing that many users have reported about this cam recorder dashboard has extreme heat resistance. It might not matter if you turn on the air conditioner, or stay in a place that is not close to 160 degrees.

But if the air conditioner is broken or your car is parked under the sun in a hot place, Rexing V1 is a good camera. This device is considered to be able to withstand heat up to 160 degrees!

Wide Dynamic Range

WDR is a very useful feature at night than when you drive during the day.

Wide dynamic range allows the dash camera mounted on the windshield to look better in low light, something that often happens when you are driving late from work or driving cross country all night. Cam dash vehicle doesn’t need anything like night vision.

WDR is the next best thing. Rexing V1 comes with WDR which means the recorded video clips will have a good dynamic range even in low light allowing you to identify suspected vehicles or criminals.

Rexing V1 Dash Cam

Parking Monitor

When a hit-and-run situation occurs when a car is parked at the side of the road or in a parking area. If the device vibrates suddenly, the device will start recording. The parking monitor feature will detect sudden shocks by G-Sensor


Rexing V1 Kit and 3M Mounting The Rexing V1 are equipped with 3M adhesive. To attach to the windshield of your car, simply remove the mounting plate at the rear. Next, remove the 3M adhesive and attach it to the back of the mounting plate.

Place it in the appropriate position on the windshield. For safety, attach it somewhere in the middle of the glass and make sure there is about one inch of space between where the glass meets the roof and the top edge of V1 is in the attached position.

To turn on V1 press and hold the power button for three seconds. The start up time is only about one second. By default this is programmed to start recording footage immediately after being activated.

To change the settings on V1, just turn off the video recording by pressing the Rec button on the front. Then on the left edge of the device press the toggle button that has an icon followed by M. When you switch to M, you will enter the menu.

System settings

Press the toggle button again and you enter the system setup menu. Where you can adjust Date / Time, Auto Power Off, Beep Sound (somewhat annoying after a while), Language options, TV Mode, Format and many other options. V1 supports up to 128GB of storage but does not include a MicroSD card. You have to buy it separately. After you insert the MicroSD card into the slot, you can then choose to format it. It is always a good idea to format a new MicroSD card before using it.

Video Settings

You get the option to choose the resolution, Loop recording preferences, Time Lapse recordings, and WDR settings. The circle recording preference shows how long each video file will be. You can choose between 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes and keep going until the card is full. At that point, it will start overwriting the older files starting from the oldest first.

Time-lapse recordings under video settings allow you to save time. V1 is equipped with a built-in audio recorder that might not be too good if you are compared to a normal stereo device. You can turn it off if you don’t want background audio, especially when having a conversation in a car.

Still photos

Although the main purpose of car dash cam is to take videos, some people might want to take occasional snapshots. In this case, you can set Rexing V1 as an alternative to taking still images, and adjust many related settings underneath.

Examples of Road Test Video

See for yourself the quality of Rexing V1 when tested in a variety of different weather conditions, and video images day and night.

Rexing V1

Being one of the choices as the best dash cam at a price that is not too expensive Rexing V1 is a Chinese camera.

8 Total Score
Good choice

Being one of the reasons this is the best dash cam with good picture quality during the day. The videos and footage from the Rexing V1 camera provide results with bright color details and good videos.But at night, when the light conditions are lacking, the vehicle number plate is not clearly visible at night.Actually, the quality of the video is on average reasonable, depending a lot on the lighting conditions on the dark road in the countryside, it might not watch clearly, while the visibility is quite good in brightly lit areas. Good audio quality.

  • The mount can be attached with a strong adhesive
  • Video files are selectable from three up to ten minutes
  • The mic's audio functionality can be muted if needed
  • Camera recordings can be played on the mount
  • No additional adhesives are included with the product
  • Short battery life when unplugged
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