Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p

With a price range of 80 $, Timetec RoadHawk HD 1080P FHD Dash Cam for the car, Video Dashboard Recorder with Night-Vision, GPS, G-Sensor, Loop Records (including SD cards)

The Timetec Hawk HD 1080P Road is one of the breakthroughs in technology to complement the car and capture motion as a camera

This is the first cam dash on the market that is equipped with complete electronic image stabilization.

Good and clear video quality will provide convincing evidence when you need it, with a sturdy design, you can hide this Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080P behind to your car’s rearview mirror

During the day dashcam, this will give a very  sharp picture. Not only do you get colored and sharp, even though at this price range there are a few other cameras, but this can be said to be the best image quality when recording in low-light conditions

This camera has used good hardware, which comes from the S5S Ambarella processor and Aptina CMOS sensor

It is capable of recording 1080p at 30fps, similar to most good dash cam

Aptina CMOS sensor also provides nighttime recordings that can be seen clearly, so this dashboard provides the best quality images

The lens records at a reasonable 135 degrees, will provide a wide range of conditions in front of your car

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080P Specs

Video1080p (30fps) or 720p (30 or 60fps)
AudioMic internal variable sensitivity – External mic input (3.5mm jack)
EncodingH.264. MP4 Files with G-Force data and embedded GPS
Bitratecan be adjusted from 4Mbits to 12Mbits
Loop mode1-minute file loop continuously with file locking
Normal modeFiles last up to 30 minutes (without file repetition or locking)
GPS5Hz GPS receiver with internal antenna
External GPSA waterproof and magnetic external GPS antenna is provided
PowerInput 12v to 24v – 5m, power cable included
EISGyro-controlled electronic image stabilization
G-Force3D G-force sensor installed (variable sensitivity)
Internal Power2 x Supercapacitors to ensure safe camera shutdown
MemoryInternal 2GB DRAM – SDXC Compatible
SensorUpscale Aptina Sensor with WDR
Lens135-degree wide angle lens

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p Design

From the viewpoint of design appearance, this camera has a medium-sized rectangular design with dimensions of 94mm x 63.5mm x 25mm

This may still be too large for the dashcam size, so it won’t be hidden when you install it.

But from the positive side, the camera uses the Ambarella A5S processor and Aptina CMOS sensor which is a viable component.

If you do not mind the design that is still included rather large, this is still one of the superior products to record as your car equipment

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p Feature

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p offers attractive features, one of which is the EIS feature

With this EIS feature (electronic image stabilization) 1080p will provide the most refined video recording quality, even when you drive your car in bumpy and bad terrain conditions, but with this EIS feature you will get smooth recording results, this is a value more on this dashcam if comparing with dashcam in the price range at this range

To play videos, you can use a Mac or PC, so you don’t have to worry about how to play video recordings, because it supports Mac and PC

To change the brightness, contrast, etc. settings, you can use the software which is equipped with a dash cam, compatible with Mac or PC

And you can choose the standard video recording size from 1 minute to 30 minutes (any settings that are disabled more than 1 minute are deactivated loop recording feature).

To feature a memory card, Road Hawk is one of the few dash cameras that supports up to 64 GB of memory cards. At the time of purchase, the company included a free 8GB memory card for every purchase of the new RoadHawk.1080p

There is still another interesting feature of this camera, that is, you can configure the bit rate between 4 and 12 Mbits / second.

Therefore if you set the bit rate to the highest (12 Mbits / second), you get Full HD video for up to 12 hours on a 64GB memory card and after that, the loop recording feature begins to delete the oldest recorded recording.

All other features such as loop recording, automatic shutdown, date and time stamp on the video, GPS and G-Force, etc.

It is part of the standard Hawk Road 1080p feature. GPS data and G-Force are stored together with the video and can be viewed through the software provided.

When viewing this data, you can see the speed, g-force and GPS position of the vehicle on google maps

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p In the Box

When purchasing Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p you will receive it in a box, whatever is in the box is


  • 1 DVR
  • 1 Power cable
  • 1 GPS External Antenna
  • 1 8GB SD Card
  • 1 USB Card Reader
  • 1 Windscreen adhesive mount
  • 1 Vertical Windscreen adhesive mount

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p Video sample

Day video

Night video

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p, is Right Choice?

Timetec Road Hawk 1080p is a truly serious masterpiece of video quality, reliability and feature equipment from a dash camera

In the range of this price range is the best dashboard of your choice, if you have enough money, you need not to hesitate to choose this dashcam, with the user experience that provides added value and satisfaction is one proof this is one of the selected cameras

Timetec is a company that has built this dashboard, they are doing an excellent job of innovating to incorporate the latest camera technology into this dashboard system. Automatic image stabilization and IR sensors keep your videos sharp in any lighting conditions.

This dashboard camera also provides software that also works to see your route using Google Maps, giving you information about every detail of the trip. If a collision occurs, all information is recorded automatically.

Timetec Roadhawk HD 1080p

It is part of the standard Hawk Road 1080p feature. GPS data and G-Force are stored together with the video and can be viewed through the software provided.

7.5 Total Score
Good choice

If you're looking for the best car camera system on the market, it's the Timetec Car Black Box Road Hawk HD. Easy to install, high quality, and available on Amazon.

  • High quality mounting gear that doesn't loosen
  • Doesn't show interference in video recordings (no dropped frames)
  • Good navigational controls that are fast to learn
  • The GPS may take several minute before pinpointing the vehicle's precise location
  • Unlike the video recording, the microphone's audio quality is poor
  • Difficult to mount the camera discreetly
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