The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

Goluk T1 dash camera can record HD video very clearly, at 30 fps and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels with super wide angles, 152 degrees lens without distortion. Superior 6-layer glass lens with CMOS sensor support and powerful WDR technology to help you record high-quality recordings even in low-light conditions.

Das cam Goluk T1 released in May 2016 is a mini wireless camera with night vision and innovative features. Goluk T1 is a versatile camera. Besides functioning as a quality dash camera, it is also useful for recording personal videos to record whatever you want.

Simply remove the camera from the dashboard to carry the camera anywhere. If you want to learn more, the following review about the Goluk T1 mini car dashboard might be useful.


The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

Goluk T1 HD Mini dashcam with Wi-Fi

Dimensions1.2 LX1.2 WX3.5 H inches
Weight9.6 ounces
ChipsetAmbarella S2LM
SensorAptina 2 megapixel CMOS
Video1920*1080 Full-HD Video at 30 fps
Video FileMP4
DisplayNo screen, view on a smartphone via WiFi
Lens Angle152 degrees
Storageup to 64GB TF card, class 10 or above
Battery or CapacitorCapacitor
Operating Temperature10°F to 140°F
Dual DashcamNo
Model Number11

Features of Goluk T1 dash cam

  • Goluk T1 Wi-Fi dashcam –
  1. Free application Camera control and settings.
  2. Easily share instant videos to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.
  3. Wireless Wifi Connect with your Smartphone.
  4. Separate the remote control, take a short video with one click.
  • Circle Recording, Automatic Recording of Emergency Accidents, WDR, G-Sensor, Internal Microphone Speaker
  • Can rotate 360 degrees with 360 Rotatable Structure, not only for recording outside the vehicle but also for deep pleasure.
  • 18 Months Quality Guarantee by Goluk.
  • Full HD 1920 * 1080P, Ambrella S2LM Chipset, 152 ° Wide Angle Camera, Aptina 1 / 2.7 Sensor Ultra HD CMOS Sensor, 6 Lens Lenses and 1 Infrared Filter, F2.0.

Share Videos on Facebook

This camera has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, this will be very useful for Goluk users to share camera results to social media.

So you can directly share photos and videos that you record and maybe interesting and want to share directly to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and this will be fun because it’s spoiled with the features of this Goluk.

Wireless Wi-Fi connection

Golux T1 dash cam has a prominent feature is the wireless Wi-Fi connection.

You need to download the dashboard camera application, so you can control the Goluk T1 dashboard, from your smartphone or tablet, so you need a smartphone or tablet in this case.

You don’t need to deal with small menus and buttons that might make it difficult. Instead, everything can be accessed through a mobile application, with this feature you can use a smartphone to control Goluk T1

The Night Vision feature ensures exceptional video even if it’s dark

When you are driving at night you still need to be able to record clear video, and this requires a camera that supports it.

The night vision feature is included in the Goluk T1 dashboard which will ensure your video is clearly visible even when you are recording at night.

So, you get the ability to record at any time of day or night when using Goluk, and this is a useful feature.

Record Clear Videos Like A Crystal

In addition to sharing features on social media and Wi-Fi, access is interesting features, camera performance needs to be considered.

And, this is also on the Goluk T1 dash that makes this dash cam really shine.

With its compact size, it uses the incredible Ambrella S2LM and ULTRA HD CMOS sensor chipset to record videos clearly and clearly.

Goluk T1 Wi-Fi records the dashboard of a mini car at 1920x1080p with a 152-degree wide angle lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).

This combination of features is quite standard but not all types of cameras will guarantee superior video quality.

But with the Goluk T1 dash cam, you really get clear videos and can read important details in your videos – such as road signs and license plates.

MagicKey Remote Button

Another feature that is not less interesting than the Goluk T1 dash cam with the name Remote MagicKey Button.

You can attach this small button to your steering wheel so that the remote button is always in quick reach.

Simply by pressing the button and the camera will automatically take photos and record videos for 12 seconds.

With the Remote MagicKey Button, you will never miss any moment.

So if you see something that needs to be recorded, quickly press the MagicKey button and the Goluk T1 dashboard will start recording and again this is a feature that deserves consideration.


The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

A sleek design with a tin shape

Goluk T1 dashboard design looks simple with a sleek shape with material made of plastic, the cylindrical dash cam is small even though there are still smaller ones.

There are a number of LED indicators will show connectivity and recording. You will find the microphone and speaker. microSD card slot,MicroUSB port, and reset button. That is all.

What’s in the box of goluk T1?

  • Goluk T1 dash camera
  • Wireless remote/MagicKey
  • Car power adapter
  • Micro USB Power cable, 13.12 feet (4 meters)
  • Docking station
  • 8 Cable routing clips
  • User Manual
  • 3 3M adhesive pads

The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

Quality of Video and Image

The camera has an accelerometer and G-Sensor built-in that can detect damage and will automatically record and save videos, then lock it so that it is not overwritten.

This camera will record eight seconds before and after a collision or when you press the brake suddenly.

After you set the camera it will automatically start recording when you start turning on your car.

Goluk will continue recording until you stop it, and will overwrite the oldest video file after it is full, but you can download the video before it is overwritten.

The company that made Goluk said that the 64GB card can hold up to 13 or 14 hours of continuous recording.

But because you need a smartphone to use Goluk, then the battery will likely run out quickly and you need a backup charger or battery.

T1 is able to capture videos and photos, recordings are clear and smooth enough to easily read license plates and identify other details.

Still Photos are also of good quality. To adjust video quality settings using the application: 1080p for better quality or 480p for smaller files.

There are three video modes:

  • MagicKey remote for short videos, it’s called WDF
  • URG is an emergency video based on accidents or sudden braking detection
  • LOOP, like the one that keeps recording video.

Sample Photo And Video Goluk T1

The following is an example of a picture produced from a Goluk T1 mini camera, with very good details that is your consideration to have this one dash cam

The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

Good quality image in daytime, clear like as crystal

The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

At night time the vehicle plate number can still be clearly seen

The Goluk T1 Mini Car Dash Cam WI-Fi HD Review

In low light conditions, Goluk still work very well


Goluk T1 Wi-Fi HD Mini Car Dash Cam with Night Vision and G-sensor The dash cam is very versatile.

We can use the Goluk T1 dashboard to record videos during the holidays or stay connected to your windshield for added security and protection.

The Wi-Fi feature and mobile application are great additions to the high-quality dash cam

Features of the dash cam, such as 1080p HD video, WDR, loop recording, sensor-g, and easy installation. You also get Wi-Fi connectivity and cool features not found in the latest cam dashes – including the mobile application and the MagicKey remote key.

This combination makes the Goluk T1 dash a versatile and fun device

+ Easy to share videos. Detect damage. Parking mode is available with optional accessories.

There is no default screen. Must be paired with a smartphone or tablet.Buy at Amazonb

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