Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

Thinkware F800 Pro is the latest flagship cam dash from Thinkware that replaces the F770 which is a little less good.

While manufacturers like Nextbase with 612GW push envelopes for resolution, Thinkware is more focused on features.

F800 Pro is the first dash cam that we tested that promises cloud services.

The F800 Dash Cam Pro dual-channel Thinkware is a rather light improvement over the F800, offering improvements such as better power management for different cable installations and color schemes while maintaining the best night catches.

The new feature that really distinguishes F800 Pro from the older version is the Thinkware Cloud, which allows you to share videos uploaded to your mobile with other devices through the Thinkware web portal.

However, Cloud features are very difficult and too dependent on telephones for professional use, making them more attractive than game-changers.

What’s in the box?

Before we go further, let’s look at the accessories in the box. Like other dash cameras, Thinkware includes everything you need to install it in your car and start recording immediately.

There is a long power cable, with a plug to the 12V socket, a clip to attach it along the edge of the windshield, a backup adhesive tape, a windshield holder for the F800 Pro and a microSD card included

If your PC or laptop does not support a microSD card, you can use the SD or USB adapter that included in the box.


The F800 Pro is super easy to install, as you would expect. The best place to install it behind your rearview mirror, where the location is not visible. The location is also great for getting the best views.

Before removing the tape from the adhesive stand, I recommend turning on the F800 Pro and connecting it to your smartphone first.

With this application, you can use the viewfinder to align it right with the edge of the hood and see if something is blocking the display through the windshield.

The cable inside the box is long enough so that you can route it well under the dashboard. If you only have one 12V socket on the front and need to charge your smartphone or another device while driving, taking a multiport charger is a good idea.

Design and Features

high end dash cam

Thinkware F800 pro

Like most of the Thinkware’s high-end dashboards, the F800 Pro doesn’t have a screen, instead of relying on your phone for visuals, configurations, unloaded videos, and other interactions.

The F800 Pro is rather large for the size of the dash cam, measuring around 1.1 x 2.5 x 3.25 inches – the last being 4 inches if you include a 140-degree field of view

The gray-and-black scheme gives it better behavior than F800 and a more modern appearance than the older F770.

The right side of the camera is home to the AC jack and micro-USB port.

However, the USB port is not for connecting units to computers – this is a video input for an optional $ 100 rear camera.

The rear camera is $ 10 cheaper than last year, and this new model offers 1080p resolution with the same friendly Sony STARVIS night sensor as the front.

However, adding it to the package will take you up to $ 450 with taxes.

At the top of the camera, you will find a slot for a Micro SD card (Thinkware gives us a 32GB card and SD adapter) and a reset button, while the camera is on the left side. The F800 camera is very close to the windshield to reduce distortion and rotate vertically with a range of about 90 degrees.

The interior side of the F800 Pro has a button to control power, turn off the microphone, connect via Wi-Fi, and format the SD card. Indicator lights for GPS, record, and WIFI are also available

Most operations, including adjusting settings and viewing videos, are performed using the Thinkware Cloud application on your mobile (iOS or Android).

Specifications of Shooting

The F800 Pro dash cam specification is only upgraded above F770. Slightly bigger at 1 / 2.8 inches, but with a slightly lower resolution at 2.13-megapixel. The latter is still more than enough for Full HD. The F800 Pro’s recording resolution is still limited to 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second, as is the case with F770.

Videos are captured at 10Mbits / sec, which makes sense for Full HD, and there are no other options. 32GB microSD card included for storage.

This will be enough for more than 400 minutes before looping to start deleting older files

This is a lot for most trips, although you only get 200 minutes of recording time – the back camera simultaneously uses the same data speed. However, there are no facilities for taking photos.

Rear-view camera

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

The rear-view camera has been upgraded since the F770 with the same Sony Exmor R CMOS as the F800 Pro

The F800 pro product is also available with a rearview camera. The rear camera has been upgraded since the F770 with the Sony Exmor R CMOS which is the same as the F800 Pro, and the older version is not compatible. Attaching it seems to set the F800 Pro to a constant loop restarting.

The rearview camera is equipped with super long cables and also attaches to adhesive pads, as does the F800 Pro. You attach this to the top of the rear window of your car. However, the angle and curvature of the rear window of the hatchback can cause a lot of reflection with the rear camera, depending on the vehicle.

Cloud connectivity 

The big difference between F800 and Pro is cloud connectivity. After you link the camera with your cellphone via Wi-Fi, which finally ends with the camera entering your mobile hot spot, you are ready to go. Transfer to the phone (and then to another device)

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

Settings for F800 Pro automatic video uploads, which transfer data from the camera to your phone.

F800 Pro sports integrated GPS, but you won’t know it from the video, because location info is not included in the watermark. Thinkware provides the viewers shown below to show where you have been. Smart, but why aren’t their watermarks?

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review Having a display application to map where you have been a good requirement, it’s just not – needed to decode GPS location data. There are no watermarks on the video.[/caption]

Advanced features

The F800 Pro has a series of advanced safety features, starting with GPS to track locations along with video recording and G sensors to protect recordings when the impact is detected.

There is a parking mode, which can detect collisions and movements. Because this effectively makes the camera active, it also includes the option to activate battery protection, which will turn off the camera after the battery drops below a certain level.

The F800 Pro can warn you about the location of a safety camera, including the cellular zone, and you need to use a smartphone application to install it. 

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

The remaining functions are grouped under the heading Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). This includes the Lane Departure Warning, where you can set the minimum speed before the kick in, to avoid positive mistakes while driving locally.

There is an Advanced Collision Warning System, to notify you if you approach the car in front too fast; it also has a low-speed option.

The Front Vehicle Departure Warning provides notifications when the car in front starts moving in the traffic queue if you stop paying attention.

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

However, the most unique ability of the F800 Pro comes from its cloud service. This includes the ability to geofence an area, so you can be notified when your car containing F800 Pro leaves this area. It can also provide notifications when impacts occur on your vehicle, as well as the ability to find your vehicle when parked.

Image quality

Thinkware F800 Pro can’t compete against the 4K Nextbase 612GW, but with less aggressive compression, the video quality is still very good. There is enough detail to read identifiable texts such as license plates, and the F800 Pro matches high contrast, which is one of the features claimed by Thinkware in its marketing material.

Thinkware F800 Pro can’t compete against the 4K Nextbase 612GW, but with less aggressive compression, the video quality is still very good. There is enough detail to read identifiable texts such as license plates, and the F800 Pro matches high contrast, which is one of the features claimed by Thinkware in its marketing material. This may be just a Full HD dash cam, but, the image performance is more than enough for the intended purpose. In theory, the rear camera provides the same quality as the front camera – but it really depends on how much reflection is caused by the glass behind you. The curved rear window of the car causes considerable distortion.

Taking F800 Pro today is very superior, but it is a claim that can be made by many cheaper cameras. What makes the F800 Pro different is the superior quality of their night catches.

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

Even though it’s not saturated like some of the daytime videos we’ve seen, the superior processing on the F800 Pro makes the details stand out.

Thinkware F800 Pro Dash cam Full Review

So far, this is the most secret video ever taken. Although night videos have increased rapidly throughout the industry, this is still the best you will see.

As you can see above, the night catch of the F800 Pro is no less great – best in this business, and not too close. The F800 Pro also captures in parking mode by saving 2 frames per second.

Video quality

The F800 Pro comes with a 2.13MP sensor, which allows 1080p video recording. This sensor is made by Sony (this is Exmor R IMX291) and, based on what I see, it’s equivalent, if not a little better, than the one on the older F800.

To see what the quality looks like, there are several YouTube videos.

Why buy a Thinkware F800 Pro?

F800 Thinkware Pro is an expensive dash cam, offering Full HD resolution. However, it is really full of advanced features, and unique cloud services. And there are many other things here to make the F800 Pro worth considering, even though it’s expensive.

Image Processor

Image Sensor1/2.8-inch 2.13Mpixel Sony Exmor R CMOS
Image Sensor Quantity1

Video Recording

Recording MediaSD card
Video Capture FormatMP4
Max Video Res1920 x 1080

A/V ports

USB 2.0Yes
  • Taking pictures of the F800 Pro at night is by far the best we’ve ever seen, both front and back. But this system is too dependent on your cellphone for cloud connectivity and several other features.
8.5 Total Score

Thinkware F800 Pro is expensive but packed with dash cam features.F800 Pro is the best dash cam offered by Thinkware, offering a sturdy shape, sturdy accessory selection, and many useful features. This is also one of the more expensive options on the market, available only under $ 380 on Amazon.

  • The back camera show a blue led light when turned on, potentially keeping driving from coming in too close
  • Dark windows don't protrude the cam's ability to record clear video
  • Features two adapters, one hardwire and DC (cigarette lighter)
  • Industry-best night video captures
  • Dual-channel with optional rear camera
  • Unless updated prior to using for the first time, bugs in the software are likely
  • The online user manual may contain updated information that isn't included with the paper manual
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