TOGUARD Backup Camera 7 Mirror Dash Cam

Bestseller In-Mirror Mounted Video, TOGUARD Backup Camera 7″ Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera.

Manufacturers of Digital Portable video and audio recorders, especially Dash cameras, as well as hunting cameras, offer OEM and ODM services by Toguard Electronics Co. Limited Chinese professional manufacturer.

TOGUARD is an industry leader in Home and Personal Security Monitoring Technology.

More than millions of homes and businesses trust the company since its establishment in 2009.

Dual Lens Rear View Mirror with Waterproof Reversing Camera, this is one of the dashcam products from these brand.

Product features

  • Dual Lens Recording and One Button Switching Design. Dash Rear Mirror Dual Lens records simultaneously, thus never missing out on the details in front and back of the car. With the design of one button change, hence it will be easier for you to switch five display modes from full-screen display to front/back view or image display.
  • 1080P FHD (30fps) recording and 170° Wide Angle. The waterproof of a rearview camera.
  • Rear Camera Kit for Secure Parking. Connect the red cable from the rear camera to the backlight and your camera will automatically switch to full view and trigger the guideline for secure parking when gear R is activated.
  • Parking Monitor & G-Sensor. Triggered by the Parking Monitor (someone crashes into your car), the mirror dash cam will automatically turn on itself and record when the vehicle is parked.
  • Sensor-G will automatically lock the recorded video for safekeeping when it detects a collision. Toguard provides strong evidence of disputes if you have an accident and give you peace of mind when driving.
  • The IPS 7 Inch Touch screen provides a wide visual angle that makes it clearer to view videos laterally. Compared to other rearview mirror cameras, the resolution of this dashcam screen is fantastic when you play video files and giving you a unique visual part.
  • User-friendly Interface. Our easy-to-use design and menu set. The display and edges of the screen are stunning, so the mirrored dash cam will better fit your car after it installed.

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7" Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P Rearview Front and Rear Dual Lens with Waterproof Reversing Camera

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  • Screen: 2 Inch HD TFT screen
  • Lens: 170-degree wide angle lens
  • Video Encoding: H.264
  • Format video: MOV
  • Video Resolution: 1920 * 1080P, 1280 * 720P, 800 * 480P, 640 * 480P
  • Image Sensor: 12 mega pixel CMOS
  • Photo Resolution: 12M / 10M / 8M / 5M / 3M / 2M / 1.3M / VGA.
  • Processor Brand: Novatek 96650
  • Circle Recording: Off / 2 min / 3 min / 5 min.
  • Screen saver: Off / 30 seconds / 60 seconds.
  • G-Sensor: Support.
  • Parking monitor: The camera will turn on automatically and record it then turn off automatically when the camera detects shock.
  • WDR: Support.
  • Date / Time Stamp: Support.
  • Auto Power Off; Support.
  • Record audio video: ON / OFF.
  • Beep: The sound of the button can be adjusted (High / Medium / Low / Off)
  • HDMI port: Mini HDMI
  • Storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB (NOT included in the package)
  • Power Supply: USB AC Power
  • Adapter, USB Car Charger, Built-in Battery.
  • USB interface: Mini USB 2.0
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian.


image toguard

Simultaneous recording in 1080P Full HD & 170 ° wide-angle lens waterproof video recording front view and 480P & 120 ° rear dash cam, the best companion in your driving trip, safeguarding your safety and your car. The front mirror dash cam still works even though it doesn’t connect the rear camera.

Wide and Clear Touch Screen 7

image toguard touch

The 7 “touch screen is quite responsive, beautiful and big. The screen for setting, video recording, photo taking, and playback are in the mirror itself which is sensitive to touch. The interface is easy to navigate and manages multi-function menus.

Well-Designed and Simple Interface

image toguard design

Well-Designed and Simple Interface IPS and a superb screen edge design wider & clearer and smoother with your car than most traditional mirror dash cameras, enjoy recording and real-time monitors while driving; The interface is easy to navigate and manages multi-function menus.

Reverse the Camera Kit for Secure Parking

image toguard reverse

The rear view of the cam switches to full HD image reversing the screen including backward with the help of the line when the vehicle is reversed, no need to turn around and easily park with the help of guidelines.

G-Sensor (Emergency Recording) & Loop Recording


With loop recording, the latest recording will automatically overwrite the oldest when the micro SD card is full, never miss any moments. G-sensor will automatically lock the video recorded when a collision is detected in the event of an accident, everything is there for your insurance company.

Parking Monitor

impact sensor

With an internal battery, the dash cam will turn on automatically and record 30 seconds after detecting shock or vibration when parking and turning off the engine.

Motion Detection

This works when turning on a car engine, recording 10 seconds after detecting motion, which can save micro SD card space.

Simple installation

Mirror dash cam is easy to install, no need to remove the factory rearview mirror in your car, just attach the dash cam to the rearview mirror with a rubber strap. Connect the car charger with the camera then hide the additional cable to the interior panel with the pry tool provided

Customer Review TOGUARD Backup Camera 7

This review comes from several people who have used this dash cam, which is packaged in one review.

Positive value for Toguard 7  dash cam

  1. It has the widest screen ever seen for the dashboard and one of the main reasons to bought this one.
  2. It records front and back.
  3. This records based on movement activation when parked.
  4. Has a G sensor if your car is hit.
  5. Looks sporty
  6. You can keep the display active or off.
  7. Many wires to run and install.
  8. Super quality for front video.
  9. It’s easy to install
  10. You don’t need to replace your original mirror

Negative value for the Toguard 7 dash cam

  1. The device can only handle 32 GB memory cards. Memory card size is the biggest negative aspect.
  2. The quality of the backup video camera is lacking but still shows quite good.

Dashcam is well packed. The video quality is amazing! The specification says to use a 16-32GB card, I use 128GB and it works fine. Easy to install and the interface is very easy for users.

Great product! Updating this product worked as advertised, the camera locked the video when I had an accident a few days ago.

I continue to get praise for the video quality of everyone in the company and now they want it. This camera saves my job! The highway patrol officer watched the video and that was all he needed.

he asked me to email him to submit his report. The woman who hit me tried to blame the situation on me. He doesn’t know that I have a bad boy on my truck. Highly recommend this product.

And below if you want to watching video for Toguard 7 installation

TOGUARD Backup Camera 7

With the presence of several features embedded in this camera, it adds value to this dash cam, so that this product becomes one of the best options for 2019.

7 Total Score
Best Hidden Camera

From the experience of Toguard 7 users, it can be concluded that this dashcam is one of the excellent products that is a best seller. Nowadays, vehicles will come with several advanced features aimed at enhancing your driving experience, and they include things like built-in reverse cameras and GPS. But if you have an old model without these practical features, you can always add it later.

  • The touch screen performs responsively, comparable to the functionality of a smartphone or tablet. The rear camera is long and can be installed either inside the vehicle or near the plates. When turned off, the rearview mirror shows the same those housed from a factory attachment.
  • The rear camera may not display correctly unless the firmware is updated
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  1. Is the idea to use the view from the rear camera displayed in the mirror while driving, as opposed to the normal rear view mirror image? I have read that using a mirror cam as a normal mirror is not as clear and looks darker, also doesn’t auto dim at night.


  2. Yes, you can use the rear camera displayed in the mirror while driving. About driving at night, you’re right. I recommend to buy TOGUARD Backup Camera 10 It has Night Vision.

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