VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

VaVa is probably a new name in the dashboard camera industry. VAVA dash cam has a unique 360º swivel design, full HD video recording, and special applications.

This latest model packs impressive features in a concise form. Inside the box, there are various accessories: charger and car holder, snapshot buttons, adhesive, crowbar, five cable clips, and cables needed for the camera to function.

Other needs such as batteries, SD card ejectors and literature are also included. While the problem is the SD card itself. You must take one to save the recording.

It is recommended that you replace it with a bigger, stronger card like Class 10 or higher. This model supports microSD cards with up to 128GB of storage.

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VAVA Dash cam Specs

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

Dimensions71 mm x 28.5 mm
Weight0.98 lb / 445 g
Vision ProcessorOV4689 CMOS Sensor
LensFull 6G + 1 IR Lens
155° f/2.0 Aperture
3-axis Accelerometer
Video Resolution2560 x 1440/30fps
1920 x 1080/60fps
1920 x 1080/30fps
1280 x 720/30fps
StorageSupports class 10 Micro SD cards up to 128GB (Micro SD card not included)
Wireless ConnectionWiFi (between phone and VAVA Dash Cam)
2.4G (between snapshot button and VAVA Dash Cam)
Operation Temperature-20 ℃ to 85 ℃
-4 ℉ to 122 ℉

VAVA dashcam feature

It has many features that make this dashcam one of the options for drivers, among which are mentioned here are some of the features that are owned by VAVA dash cam.

  • G-sensor to detect automatically and save recordings of unexpected movements, such as burglary, when the car is not maintained.
  • Easy to carry for use with rental cars and other vehicles
  • Integrated GPS for recording and tracking trips in the mobile application.
  • 360 ° swivel capability for shooting from any angle inside and outside the vehicle
  • internal microphone for quality audio recording
  • 155 ° wide angle lens for capturing various visions
  • Sony IMX291 lens for 1080p HD quality photos & videos

In the box

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

In the box

Inside the VAVA dashcam box are all the accessories you need to install in your car and start recording immediately.

  • VAVA Dash Cam
  • Snapshot Button
  • Car Suction Mount
  • VAVA Car Charger (Dual Port)
  • Micro USB Cable with GPS Module
  • 5 Cable Clips
  • Crowbar
  • Button Cell
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • User Guide
  • Thank You Card

In the box, you will find a 12V adapter, a USB cable (with an attached GPS module), a windshield holder, a remote control, and several cable holders to help you direct the cable to the windshield.

There is also a 32GB microSD card. There is also a small crowbar to help you separate the mountain from the windshield when you have to remove it

Vava dashcam Design and Installation

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

Dash cam Vava can rotate 360 degree

Vava Dash cam has a different design than most other dash cam frames. Cylindrical in shape, with the lens barely protruding, and the magnet in the middle attaching it to the mount.

There is no button to turn it on or off or the display screen like that can be found in many dash cam. This is very different from most cameras.

In matters of installation, it’s also very easy to do it. The magnetic stand allows 360 degrees of rotation and the connection on the windshield stand allows you to tilt it in any direction you need. This is the easiest cam dash to install.

And the magnet is strong enough to hold it firmly above the bumps and rough parts on the road.

Maybe you think that without the appearance of this camera it will be difficult to use this camera. For this reason, VAVA has a well-designed mobile application that allows you to configure the main features of the dash cam in just a few taps.

And like most dash cam, the device will turn on and turn off automatically when the adapter receives power from the car.

In terms of the application, it is very well made, showing lots of useful information about dash cam. Provides information to the installation guide, user guide, access to all photos and videos, travel notes and firmware updates, above the camera controls.

In addition, VAVA includes a GPS module on the micro USB cable that allows the cam dash to increase your speed at the bottom of the video and gives you a log of your location.

Features like the voice recording option can be disabled in the application if you don’t want to use it.

The remote control that is included with the device can be used at times when you want to manually trigger recording or take photos.

Vava dashcam Video quality

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

VAVA dashcam side

The VAVA Dash Cam utilizes the Novatek NT96663 processor and Sony IMX291 sensor with an F / 2.0 lens.

With that equipment, this camera is capable of recording 1080p video at 60FPS and 30FPS, and 720p at 30FPS and 480p at 30FPS.

The first option provides the most refined video and the best quality, but you can also use the second option.

In 1080p 60FPS mode, with a 17Mbps bitrate, this allows you to save videos requiring around 7.5GB of space for one hour of video.

Dashcam is also made with a loop system, which means it automatically removes the oldest videos to make room for new content.

With a 32GB microSD card, you will be able to save under four hours of video. Video quality is also very good. There are lots of details in videos and traffic signs and number plates that are easy to read both in the daytime and in low light conditions.

Another cool feature is GPS tracking which in this case requires a smartphone, which will automatically record your location, speed, and route.

The media gallery application allows you to view, edit and add filters to your photos and videos. Unlike most cam dash applications, which are generally carelessly put together just for the sake of being a selling point, the VaVa application displays a clean and consistent design that is easy to navigate.


Vava Dash Cam records continuously, and by recording video loops it will be piped if needed. However, it will save the video you started manually, and the video triggered by the G sensor.

Maybe the G-sensor is installed a little too sensitive for road suspension/tracks that are rather hard on the vehicle. But you can decrease it using the phone application

1080p video quality The Vava 60-frame-per-second Dash Cam is very impressive.

The daytime video is slightly darker than the others and not saturated in color, but sharp and smooth.

VAVA Support offers firmware updates for cam dashes via the mobile application.

Sample Video

Daytime Video Quality

Daytime video recording with very good quality. 1080p HD video feels impressive even in a 155-degree recording angle. Video records date stamp along with it beside speed.

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

Daytime sample

What also makes VAVA so cool is that the camera can record the speed and sound of the vehicle and its video.

In addition, the Vava dashboard can turn travel into memories that can be reviewed with the application’s driving journal feature.

Night Time Video Quality

Video quality at night goes well. Records under street lights can still capture number plate details.

But you can’t expect extraordinary quality from really dark streets.

VAVA Dash Cam VA-CD001 Full Review

Sample night time mode

VAVA Dash Cam

VAVA dash cam has a chip-shaped camera body, with a 32GB MicroSD card, 14-inch USB cable with inline GPS module, magnetic swivel lever, 12v car charger with a built-in battery capacity of 2,300 mAh, and a Snapshot button.

7 Total Score
Good Choice

The VAVA Durable Dashcam for the Right and Stable Price, durable quality at a price of less than 120 dollars from Amazon.This device is good in design with high-quality hardware. Clear recording (1080p, 60fps) with a six-layer lens gives you an edge over old competitors.In addition, the built-in GPS and G-Sensor are sensitive to doing a decent job as a whole. The unique magnetic mount helps you rotate and straighten the camera wherever you want.

  • Most lanes on a wide highway are within the camera's range
  • Has 360-degree view option
  • Pictures can be taken very quickly with the click of a button
  • Poor WiFi connection over smartphones; doesn't pick up signals well
  • Only suction mount
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  1. How come when I watch the sample video on a 17″ laptop screen, I cannot read any of the signs or number plates? I thought this was the idea of the camera.

  2. What resolution did you set? If you want to be sure that you could read number plates, use 2560 x 1440/30fps.

  3. Used to love this camera until month 17 into the 18 month warranty and the suction mount disintegrated on an average spring day when it was 60 degrees out. Left a mess on my windshield. I contacted the company about my warranty and what do you know, they don’t have any in stock.

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