VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

As an electronics company that presents products with high quality, VAVA increasingly pampers all customers with technological innovations that try to meet the needs of many people.

VAVA 2k front and 1080p rear are among the many VAVA products that provide innovative dash cam technology and a cabin camera.

VAVA 2k front and 1080p rear are models: VA-VD009, which the company produces to provide comfort in driving as is the common function of a dashcam, but VAVA 2k is equipped with various features that can answer your needs.

If you are a person who likes to share moments directly on social media, this dashcam has built-in facilities for viewing, downloading, and sharing to social media. It is equipped with 4 infrared LEDs for night vision mode, which will help to see in low light conditions.

Dual Dash Cam, VAVA 2K Front and 1080P Cabin or 2.5K 30fps Single Front Car Camera, Both Sony Sensor, Infrared...

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$169.99 $199.99

Why Choose VAVA VD009 Dash Cam?

With priced in the $ 180 to $ 200 range this dash cam has the following specs:

  • CPU: Amba H22A55.
  • Video Resolution Camera: Front 2560*1600P @30fps; Rear 1920*1080P @30fps.
  • Sensor: Front Camera Sony IMX335; Rear Camera Sony  IMX307.
  • Built-in Battery Capacity: 320mAh.
  • USB supported: USB2.0.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n.
  • Loop Recording: 1 /3 /5 Minutes Clips.
  • Voice Record: Supported.
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~50°C / -4°F~122°F.
  • G-Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer.
  • GPS: Built-in.
  • Power Input: 5V-1.5A.
  • Video Clip, and Photo Format: MP4, JPG.
  • TF Card supported: Micro SD Card U1 or U3, 16GB-128GB (Not included, Recommendation from manufacturer use Samsung or Sandisk 64 to 256G U3 card ).
  • Screen space: 2 inch LCD.
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Vava 2k and 1080p Main features

Like a dashboard camera in general, the VAVA 2k front cabin and 1080p rear cabin are equipped with several standard features such as parking mode, a built-in G-sensor that can automatically record when a collision occurs, then save it and lock it. Become evidence if you claim insurance.

Dual Sony Sensor

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

The Sony sensor does not doubt its quality. The front camera has the Sony IMX335 sensor. The cabin camera has the Sony IMX 307 sensor, capable of providing clear and satisfying image details. Many customers like the features of these two cameras, both the front camera and the cabin camera.

With this design, the dashcam VAVA 2k front and 1080p rear cabin are perfect for car taxis or your lift car because you can comfortably see the passengers behind you.

Seamless Loop Recording

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

With this feature, users can create video clips, and if your memory space is not enough, it will overwrite old files, so you can see the latest recordings when you come home.

When there is a collision, the G-sensor will automatically activate the event recording and save it safely. You can share evidence of accidents through the VAVA dash cam App with the authorities, both the police and insurance companies.

To add storage capacity, you can add an SD card with up to 128 GB of storage space, but this must be purchased separately because it is not included in the purchasing package.

GPS Tracking Function

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

Dashcam 2k camera cabin is equipped with a built-in GPS tracking system so that drivers can track the location of the vehicle, driving route, speed, and other information on each of your trips. This will help you to arrive at the destination place.

You can upgrade the firmware if it is available because VAVA will always update the Firmware and APP regularly for better features. You can download firmware for V1.3.0.

360-degree rotation

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

The specially designed features are 360 degrees when you are in parking mode entirely. You can point the camera wherever you will.

Meanwhile, the users can adjust the camera lift up to 70 degrees. You can rotate up and down to get the main view of your passengers.

Night vision with infrared

This feature is handy when traveling at night in low light conditions because this dashcam uses F2. 0 6-glass lens and four infrared LED lights, so for the night vision experience, this dashcam makes it possible to read the license plate when low light conditions.

High-temperature resistance

With materials made of premium ABS, when you drive in extreme temperature conditions, this camera will still work well with temperatures at -4 ° F to 122 ° F. When causing in the rain or during the scorching daytime, this dash cam will not overheat.

Parking mode

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

The 2k front and 1080p Dash cam camera cabin use a 320mh battery so that in parking mode, it will work for a full 24 depending on the remaining battery strength.

If during parking mode another vehicle crashes into your car, this will activate the G-sensor and will automatically record a 15-second video and lock it for safe storage.

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How about design

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review


The dash cam designs from VAVA all carry a camera model that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, using a strong magnetic holder between the suction cup and the camera body. Even though it only relies on magnets to hold the camera body, it is strong enough to withstand shocks on the way.

The body design is round, with the screen forming a rectangle with a 2 inch LCD screen that allows you to monitor the recording by looking at the screen.

Meanwhile, the rear camera design, which is the camera cabin, can rotate 70 degrees up and down to adjust the camera’s viewpoint.
This cabin camera is designed to be integrated with the front camera so that the shape is round. It’s just that there is a kind of partition between the front and rear cameras.

This 2k front and 1080p rear cabin Dash cam is VAVA’s latest product launched in March 2020 with dimensions of 4.30 x 1.60 x 1.60 inches, even though it looks a bit big, but with a unique design compared to most dashcams. This VAVA 2k front and 1080p rear have its fans.

Unfortunately, this design is not suitable for large trucks or box vehicles because it is a dashcam cabin. Hence, it is ideal for uber taxis or personal vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, and other one-roof cars.

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What is in the box

On the official website, the VAVA dash cam 2k front and 1080p rear cabin are priced at $ 199.99, and on Amazon:

Dual Dash Cam, VAVA 2K Front and 1080P Cabin or 2.5K 30fps Single Front Car Camera, Both Sony Sensor, Infrared...

15 used from $106.85
Free shipping
Last update was on: December 2, 2022 8:56 pm
in stock
$169.99 $199.99

There are 8 items in the purchase package but do not include an SD card, if you want to add an SD card item you have to buy it separately. If it includes a 128GB SD card then the price is around $200. If you don’t want to bother buying it separately, you should buy an SD card as well.

Below is an item in the package:

  • 1 x VAVA Dash Cam(Model: VA-VD009) 
  • 1 x Car Charger. 
  • 1 x Car Mount.
  • 1 x Snapshot Button.
  • 1 x Charging Cable with GPS Module.
  • 5 x Cable Clips.
  • 1 x Crowbar.
  • 1 x User Guide.

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

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How about installation

This Dashcam includes an easy installation process. If you have previously used VAVA dual dash cam products or other products, this is not difficult for the installation process.

Even in the manual, there are instructions for the installation process, so you need to adjust it to your vehicle’s condition.

  • The first step of your car is when the engine is turned off.
  • The second step is to find the center position of your windshield and then glue the car mount to the windshield.
  • Step three is to attach the VAVA Dash Cam to the mount via magnets.
  • The fourth step is to connect the USB cable to the micro USB port of the Dash Cam then arrange all the cables along the edges of the windshield, slide it between the seams so that it reaches the USB port on the Car Charger. Secure the area.
  • Step five plug the Car Charger into your cigarette lighter to connect the Dash Cam to the Car Charger.
  • The sixth step is to test the dashcam by starting the car engine to check if the Dash Cam turns on working well or not.

After the testing process is complete, you can adjust the dash cam to get the best viewpoint and trim all cables so that they are hidden in the carpet of your vehicle.

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How about performance

The front and 1080p rear VAVA 2k Dash Cam can capture 2560x1600P resolution video at up to 30fps, while the front and rear cameras simultaneously offer 2560x1600P @ 30fps and 1920x1080P @ 30fps video quality.

Daytime video performance results look very good with adequate lighting during the day.

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

While this dashcam also supports night vision by relying on four infrared LED lights to capture images in low light conditions both at night and in low light conditions.

The video captures for the night are quite good, and if there is a vehicle close to the front, it is possible to read the license plate still.

VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

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VAVA Dash Cam VD009 Full Review

Besides, you can operate the dashcam via the menu button on your camera. You can also use the VAVA app control to easily share videos to social media by downloading videos with this built-in Wifi connection to your smartphone.

It will be a fun experience for those who like to share photos and videos with your friends.

For the VAVA application, some users complain that the app’s performance is not optimal on the Android phone, but it is quite good on the Apple IOS.

Maybe the problem faced is caused by the Android system that is not compatible with the app.

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The VAVA dash cam 2k front and 1080p rear cabin camera are one of the flagship products of the VAVA brand, which was launched in March 2020, so this product is the latest product from VAVA.

The cool day and night recording video image quality is the main attraction of this dashcam cabin product.

But For drivers who like hidden cameras, maybe this VAVA is not suitable for you, because it is different from the wedge design, which can be hidden.

If that’s your consideration, maybe you need other alternatives to adjust your financial budget. The wedge model for the hidden dash cam can be found on Rexing, Aukey, or Viofo.

8 Total Score

Good item

  • The image quality of the footage is good both day and night.
  • Uses 4 infrared LEDs for low light conditions.
  • Easy installation.
  • Allow rotating 360 ​​degrees.
  • Wifi and GPS built-in.
  • The camera is not hidden.
  • The application may not work properly on some Android systems.
  • Magnetic mounts that have a longer lifespan are prone to weaken forces.
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