Review of Viofo A119 Dash Cam with Firmware Update V2

Viofo A119 V2 offers several features that produce better value than the previous generation V1, with a 2-inch LCD screen, providing detailed menus that can be easily seen to access various features in it.

An impressive feature is a rotatable lens. Thus, giving you the freedom to adjust the appearance from top to bottom or vice versa, and look for the most appropriate position.

The usage of a supercapacitor as a replacement battery power supply, with this you will be comfortable because during summer it’s not overheating, and in winter it is not dying.

Recording with 1440P 30fps & 1080P 60fps HD Video & Audio Recording produces a quality video that has clear images.

Maybe this camera is not the best in its class (take a look our best dash cams), but this is a good choice for those of you who are looking for a dashcam with around $100 budget. If likely you want to buy this dashcam, you need to take micro SD, CPL Filter, and Hardware Kit.
Viofo A119 V2 Firmware

Perfect for forward-facing video recording. Automatically captures impact events (with G-sensor). Withstands extreme temperatures (capacitor).

What the features of Viofo A119 V2?

  • GPS mount problems that often occur in Viofo A119 V1 makes the camera to restart often, in V2 this has been repaired.

Viofo replaced the spring loaded version 1 pin which was stuck in a lower position with flexible metal contacts, GPS mount V2 does not match version 1.

  • Viofo has also added to the A119 V2 CPL Notch camera, or Circular Polarizing Lens to provide circular polarizers​ in a way to stay in place.

CPL is useful for reducing reflections of light and glare that might interfere when recording, but this not included on purchasing, you need to buy it separately.

CPL viofo a119 v2

  • To make the mount stealthy, the A119 v2 now uses black bands, if in the first release it uses gray, using black bands makes the camera more hidden.
  • To help reduce vibration when the vehicle rolls over, ​Viofo adds EVA foam​, three die-cut foam sheets, with this the camera stand gets stronger.
  • For the first version, you must buy a GPS mount, but on this Viofo A119 v2, they have added a non-GPS mount holder, for a vertical windshield installation, this helps the lens be able to record more clearly.
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VIOFO A119 V2 with GPS Logger & SuperCapacitor & CPL (2018 Edition)

  • The ​OmniVision OV4689 sensor provides better sensitivity when compared to the previous version of the A119.
  • As for resources power supply, Viofo A119 v2 capacitor, without batteries and uses a supercapacitor 5V 1A, with this being more heat resistant and not affected by cold weather​.
  • With a GPS logger, you can record the speed and route of data in video format, allowing you to playback with compatible devices, in addition to synchronizing the camera clock with GPS time.

Review of Viofo A119 Dash Cam with Firmware Update V2

This product already included for CPL or Circular Polarizing Lens, so with CPL feature, it will be anti-glare, and the resulting video is clearer.

Thus you only need to buy a ​micro SD and Hardware Kit.

  • Competitive price
  • Updateable firmware
  • Stealthy

  • The 2 inch screen is less spacious

VIOFO A119 V2 with GPS Logger
VIOFO A119 V2 with GPS Logger

Better sensitivity, supercapacitor, included CPL.

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Viofo A119, A119s, and A119 Pro firmware update instructions

Use the latest firmware update provided by Viofo. They are always trying to improve features.

Important! When you update the firmware, you are doing it at your own risk, because if there is a failure, this might cause your problem with you dash cam. To update the firmware, then you need to take steps to do, for further guidance.

If your firmware update is successful, then the camera is back ready to use, you can test it first whether everything works fine or there is a problem after the firmware update.

Thus if there is still a problem, before the Viofo A119 installation is done, it is possible to try fixing it first, by restarting the update.

Sometimes firmware updates failure may occur, computer software having a problem may cause this, or the connection with the computer is not perfect, so during the update make sure everything is ready properly.

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The user manual of Viofo A119 v2

When you first buy Viofo A119 v2, the user manual is usually included, as your guide in using the dash cam, but maybe because you did not keep the user manual book, and it happened missing or damaged.

Don’t worry when you lose the user manual because there is a replacement that you can read again after Downloading Viofo a119 manual.

Maybe you still want to know how to press the power button, do a loop, and so on, by re-reading the user manual, it will make it easier for you to use the dashcam.

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Let’s compare A119s Spy Tec VS A119

image viofo a119s v2

Viofo A119S is also one of the products designed by Viofo, the Chinese company released at the end of 2016, and this is a modified version of Viofo A119, if you look at the outside, these two cameras are the same, but actually, it has updated recording resolution.

Viofo A119S has a lower maximum resolution than Viofo A119, where it records 1080p video at 60 frames per second, which is significantly smaller than 1440p A119 (at 30 fps).

Spy Tec A119S
Spy Tec A119S

the A119S records slightly better recordings in low-light situations than the A119

Equation A119S VS A119

  • Equation A119S vs A119 for casing mount, this uses the same casing mount, so that this holder can be used alternately on both cameras.
  • Both use capacitors, this serves as the source of power to turn on the camera.
  • Both can build optional GPS to mount. The GPS version of each camera costs around $ 10 more than the non-GPS version.
  • Both records at bit speed of 20 Mbps and can use SD cards up to 128GB.
  • Both are hidden cameras that are not visible from the outside of your vehicle.
  • If you want to use CPL to reduce glare, you can install it on a lens for both of them to support the use of CPL; this is purchased separately.
  • Both use Novatek NT96660.

Differences A119s VS A119

  • The A119S uses the Sony STARVIS IMX291 sensor, has a maximum resolution of 1080p @ 60fps, which is less than 1440p A119. The lower A119S resolution helps improve video quality at night.
  • The difference between Viofo A119S has an aperture of f / 1.6, while A119 has f / 1.8.
  • In theory, the lower the number, the better the light sensitivity of the camera, so the A119S provides better recording at night.
  • A119S uses a better lens (7G) while the A119 uses a lens (6G). However, the newer A119S lens can only be adjusted vertically, not horizontally.
  • From the A119S point of view, it is lower than the A119 which only has a viewing angle of 135 degrees, while the A119 is 160 degrees.

Which one is better A119S or A119?

If you often drive during the day, choosing this A119 is better, at a lower price, but if you drive more at night, then the A119S is better because the camera’s sensitivity to low light is better on the A119S.

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Viofo A119 Pro Review

image A119 pro

Viofo always wants to give the best to its customers, Viofo A119 is one of the best-selling products sold in the market, but Viofo doesn’t stop there, they always make innovations by re-upgrading the product Viofo A119 pro.

This version is an improvement from the previous version Viofo A119, A119 v2 or A119S,

VIOFO A119 Pro Dash camera uses a 2K image sensor, 1440p Quad HD with 30 fps, 7G lens and F1.8 aperture, GPS recorder, and parking mode.

The camera is now equipped with an additional suction mount to temporarily move the camera to a rental car or other location.

Just like the A119, Viofo A119 Pro also uses supercapacitors for power supply which are made to work in extreme conditions with internal capacitors which makes it different from batteries that cannot withstand high temperatures.

To reduce glare, you can use an optional CPL, namely Circular Polarizing Lens, this will reduce the glare, and make the image clearer.

Spy Tec A119SPro
Spy Tec A119SPro

Using the AR0521 Image Sensor with better quality night and day videos.

Differences Viofo A119 pro vs A119 v2

  • For video recording quality, Viofo A119 pro provides better details compared to the A119 v2, where the A119 pro recording can provide number plate details more clearly when compared to the A119 v2, this is probably because the A119 pro angle is smaller than the A119 v2. Which makes the distortion is more minimal, and the vehicle number plate letters more legible.
  • The A119 v2 video color is still acceptable, and for the A119 pro, it looks more natural.
  • The difference in terms of audio video, for the A119 v2 has clear audio sound, while the A119 pro also has clear audio sound, but with a lower volume, in this case, A119 v2 is better than the A119 pro.
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Viofo A119 V2, A119S V2, and A119 Pro products all use the same GPS installation, installing GPS allows your video files to show your location, this is an optional addition even though the retailer sells units bundled with the GPS module.

With customer support from Viofo, having received so many good responses from users, making this brand a place in the hearts of its users, they always update the firmware, to make their dashcam better and as a result, is good recording quality.

Then which choice is the best? At a higher price, Viofo A119 pro is still superior compared to A119 v2, if you have enough shopping budget, the A119 pro is worthy of being an option, but if you only have a 100 $ shopping budget, A119 v2 is still a good choice.

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Which one is better Yi dash cam or Viofo A119?

Sometimes some users ask, which one is better between the Yi dashcam compared to Viofo A119, this question is usually asked when he will choose which dashcam is the most superior and gives satisfaction after buying it.

In this case, maybe the prospective buyer has prepared a shopping budget for both types of dashcam and tries to find references, which is the best choice.

And talk about Yi, Dashcamcar has also ​reviewed the dash cam Yi​, you can re-read related articles to get an overview of the features and also the video quality of the dash cam.

However, we will try to compare the two from several points of view, especially video quality; this is the most important because superior video quality will provide clear recordings.

If you watch the youtube video, then I think you already get a conclusion, which one is the better image quality from both dashcams.

When comparing from the picture above, Yi has a brighter image but lacks detailed clarity, where the vehicle’s license plate looks blurry. While the A119 number plate is more visible and in this case, the A119 wins the game.

But most cam action users want bright images, and in this case, Yi wins the game.

What you see here reflects the background of each producer and their perspective on what is ‘best.’

And in the end, the choice will fall back to your hands as a buyer because you have the money and the right to make choices.

In terms of price, Yi price range is a bit under A119 v2 price range, if this is one of your considerations, then Yi deserves to be a choice.

Viofo A119 V2 Firmware

Perfect for forward-facing video recording. Automatically captures impact events (with G-sensor). Withstands extreme temperatures (capacitor).

7 Total Score
Good Choice

  • Amazing video quality despite the low price point
  • Reliablity track record from VIOFO
  • Optional factory CPL filter
  • The limits for installing non-GPS lenses are thinner
  • Lack of true pre-buffered parking mode with motion detection
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