Review of Viofo A119 Dash Cam with Firmware Update V2

Viofo A119 is a Chinese dash cam that uses the Novatek NT96660 processor released in early 2016. It supports a resolution of 2560 × 1440 (1440p) at 30 frames per second (fps). It can also produce standard video 1920 × 1080 (1080p), at 30 or 60fps.

This camera is produced by Viofo which is a Chinese company but also sold overseas with various brands. Therefore, you can see it as Viofo A119 in GearBest, and as SpyTec A119 on Amazon. However, all A119 cameras are produced by Viofo and from the hardware side, they are identical.

Besides the great camera design, the packaging on the A119 also distinguishes them from another Chinese dash cam.

Viofo a119 is designed to compact and attractive. Including a number of useful accessories such as mounting clips and extra mounting tape, dual USB adapters, and short USB for PC data transfer.

Viofo A119 Firmware

A119 PRO Dash Cam Car Dash Camera 2K HD 1440P 1296P 30fps 1080P 60/30fps 5PM Capacitor Camera DVR 7G F1.8 130°FOV Video Recorder

Product specification of Viofo a119

1Date ReleasedJuly 2016
2Max Resolution2560 x 1440P @ 30FPS
3ProcessorNovatek NT96660
4Image SensorOmniVision OV4689
5LensGlass f/1.8 Lens
6Capacitor / BatteryCapacitor
8Diagonal FOV160°
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Video Quality

At low prices, A119 videos will be challenged, but with a wide dynamic range (aka HDR, or high dynamic range), these videos are colorful and well detailed in all lighting conditions.

Viofo’s A119 has excellent video quality. This is not the absolute best but ranks among the top cameras. There are several sacrifices such as having poor low light performance and reduced dynamic range.

Much better than Rexing V1 or KDLinks X1 which looks popular and similar.

image of the Viofo A119 video day time

Viofo A119 video daytime very good detail image

While for videos at night it still displays good image quality, although the atmosphere is dark the scenery can still be captured with clear details, the light around provides good illumination for the quality of the camera at night.

image of the Viofo A119 video night time

A119 night time video is equivalent to the best in its class

Maybe the only one complaint is about the SDHC Card not included

A119 is a good product available online through Amazon, Newegg, eBay, and other sources, representing various retailers. You can get this dash cam at an affordable price.

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Installation the Viofo A119

It’s easy to do, you can choose to install in the windshield in the middle so that the camera lens will reach wider.

If you want to take an example to install this cam dashboard, there are lots of youtube videos that provide examples of installing a dashboard camera, and you can improve by yourself to adjusted with your car

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In the Box Viofo A119

  • Car lighter adapter, with 2 USB ports
  • The USB cable is shorter for computers, 2.5 feet long
  • The USB cable for car adapter, 11.5 feet long
  • GPS module with adhesive holder.
  • 6 adhesive clips to attach a wire to the windshield
  • Mount non-GPS adhesive
  • Attach the release strap
  • Manual instructions
image In the box Viofo A119

In the box Viofo A119 

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How to update Viofo A119 your FirmWare (A119S)

Viofo A119 firmware can be updated by following a few steps, to get the firmware update file you can visit Viofo’s website and choose your dash cam series, in this case, Viofo A119 Here to update  the firmware

Follow steps for firmware updates.

  • Use a memory card (recommend a 16GB-128GB memory card) formatted by the camera or computer as FAT32
  • Insert the card into the camera and connect it to the computer using a USB cable
  • Just copy LDBA119.bin in the root of the card.
  • After LDBA119.bin is copied to the card, disconnect the camera from the computer.
  • Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait a few seconds.
  • Remove LDBA119.bin from the card using your PC and
    Copy the FWBA119.bin file in the root of the card.
  • Reconnect the camera to your computer and wait a few seconds until you can select Mass Storage (The latest version is changed to microSD Card Reader Mode) from the camera menu, the front red LED will flash when updating.
  • Now you can disconnect the camera from the PC and enjoy the new A119 implementation

If your camera’s firmware version is V1.1 or earlier, please upgrade the LDBA119.bin loader first.

If you have installed firmware V2.0, there is no need to update the loader, ignore step # 3- # 6.

From firmware V1.4, the firmware will be automatically removed from the Micro SD card after the update is complete.

Viofo A119 Firmware

A119 PRO Dash Cam Car Dash Camera 2K HD 1440P 1296P 30fps 1080P 60/30fps 5PM Capacitor Camera DVR 7G F1.8 130°FOV Video Recorder

7 Total Score
Good Choice

  • Amazing video quality despite the low price point
  • Reliablity track record from VIOFO
  • Optional factory CPL filter
  • The limits for installing non-GPS lenses are thinner
  • Lack of true pre-buffered parking mode with motion detection
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