Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium Dashboard Camera review

Another dash that is the highlight of the drivers, especially trucks, WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS is a cool dash cam that ranks very high on dashcam review sites and many customers like it.

This dashcam made by Wheelwitness with more features than, this modern dash cam promises new breakthroughs in the dash cam industry and to increase the bar of excellence to a whole new level.

Convincingly that Wheel Witness, the company that really invaded the dashcam market in previous years, has succeeded in attracting millions of drivers to use its products.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS is a dash cam that is in the upper middle range in terms of price.

However, with a number of features that this camera has, prices may not be an important measure for users.

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam can record crystal-clear video when you travel, making it good for identifying accidents. With this GPS feature, you can also give your GPS coordinates and will link you to Google Maps when reviewing footage taken.

Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium specs

Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium Dashboard Camera review

WheelWitness HD PRO – Premium Dash Cam with GPS – 2K Super HD – 170° Super Wide Lens – Night Vision Dashboard Camera – for 12V Cars & Trucks

Video ResolutionSuper HD 1296P 2304×1296 30 FPS
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)Yes
ProcessorAmbarella A7
Display3.0” 16:9 TFT LCD
Wide Angle170°
MemoryBundled 16GB microSD Class 10 SD Card
(Supports up to 64GB)
Motion DetectionYes
BatteryBuilt-in 450 mAh
Cycling RecordingYes

Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium In The Box

This dashcam mounting kit is available in the box, and this is standard equipment for the most dashcam.

  • WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam
  • USB power cable (12 feet)
  • Removable suction cups are installed
  • GPS add-on
  • USB data to computer cable
  • 16GB microSD card
  • 2 sticky holders
  • User guide
Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium Dashboard Camera review

In the box

Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium Design

Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium Dashboard Camera review

The Wheelwitness HD Pro Premium design is box-shaped with a 3 inch LCD screen, and with a TFT screen capable of providing color brightness and good views when starting recording.

You can hang this dashcam in the middle of your car’s windshield or beside the rearview mirror.

Maybe in terms of the dashboard’s appearance, it doesn’t have anything unique to discuss, but the features inside that provide a travel experience using this dashcam

WheelWitness HD PRO feature

As the name suggests, Cam Dash WheelWitness HD PRO with GPS. This camera has built-in GPS capabilities, so you can follow using Google Maps.

In purchasing, there is a free 16GB micro SD card, which you can use on the cam dashboard to store videos

With the exceptional A7LA50 Ambarella processor and super wide 170-degree angle lens, this cam dash will be a perfect witness, capturing everything Super HD 2k in front of you in ultra HD, in sharp 2304x1296P resolution.

This is the highest resolution available on any dashboard on the market today.

Has WDR (wide dynamic range) technology and HDR for the freshest and clearest exposure, producing videos and images as clear as possible

Combining multiple exposures, you will always enjoy optimal night vision.

Equipped with three different seats for your vehicle, including two sticky seats and one suction cup holder.

You can immediately use it when you receive it; just insert the micro SD card first.

It has continuous loop recording, so you don’t have to worry about manually removing recordings from your micro SD card.

Able to detect accidents automatically and save all relevant recordings.

This HD PRO model will start recording automatically and when the microSD card is full, it will automatically delete the oldest files and replace them with new ones, allowing for fully automatic and continuous playback.

Easy Installation just Insert your microSD card, attach the suction cup and plug in the power, your cam dash will start recording automatically. Equipped with 2 sticky mounts, 1 suction cup, and 12-foot power cable.

Picture of Perfect Super HD High-Resolution Video

Using the Ambarella A7LA50 processor and a 170 degree super wide angle lens, the WheelWitness HD Pro model is ready to be a perfect witness, recording everything in front of you in the very clear Super HD 2k, in sharp 2304x1296P resolution. no doubt

WDR / HDR Night Vision Technology

This WDR technology is able to work with balanced exposures, with the ability to compensate for bright and dark spots on one record. Combining multiple exposures will produce a very clear image.

Day or night, sun or rain or drive through a tunnel, you will always be able to get sharp images, due use WDR technology.

Loop recording

It’s no secret that now most dashcam features a loop recording feature. After the memory card runs out, Dash Cam PRO PRO WheelWitness also has an internal loop function mode that allows the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest files and keep recording so that the recording process doesn’t stop.


Another feature that also provides added value is the GPS module accessory. This feature allows the cam dash to capture the speed, location, and coordinates of motorized vehicles.

Such detailed recording can be played back indicating the speed of the vehicle traveling at that time, along with the movement of real-time locations from where the vehicle is located

Motion detector – G-sensor

By using G-Sensor technology, this feature allows the camera to detect accidents automatically and save all relevant recordings so that this will be a perfect witness.

When the G-sensor detects a shock, this will trigger a sensor, and the camera captures and protects the video clip that leads to a bump and a few seconds afterward, saving recordings of potential accidents from being overwritten

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS Sample Video

WheelWitness will be the perfect travel companion for your trip, which can do several things:

  • From automatic and continuous recording. then become evidence of activity on the road (accident, theft, pedestrian activity)
  • By applying high-resolution video evidence so you can refute motor vehicle crashes and any errors if you are not guilty
  • Provide strong evidence to the police, insurance companies, and courts.
  • Safety mechanism and protection against drivers and reckless people
  • Analyzing Speed / Time / Date and Location of the driver using the vehicle
WheelWitness HD PRO

All in one, this camera is very worth the price and balanced with features that are with it!

8 Total Score

All in one, this camera is very worth the price and balanced with features that are with it! Often, you pay for what you get.What distinguishes this dash camera from many other cameras in this price range is the 170-degree angle lens, which gives you far more scope and field of view than most dash cameras.Given the price of this camera, the field of view with its wide lens angle and other features, this dash cam is one option that is worth a try.

  • Fast transfer time when moving videos from the camera to a laptop or computer
  • On top of good video quality, sound recordings are clear and free from interruptions and feedback
  • Mounting is quick and painless
  • The GPS feature may take up to a minute or longer to turn on
  • Going through the configurations is confusing unless the user manual is read
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