YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

Even though GoPro is the most famous company for action cameras, Yi 4K + has made a serious offer to replace GoPro.

The Yi 4K action camera not only has many of the best features, voice control, and image stabilization, but also the price is cheaper for this reason making Yi 4K an alternative choice. However, you have to make some compromises for lower prices.

YI 4K Action Camera is a small action camera that offers a 12 megapixel Sony sensor, plus a f / 2.8 wide-angle lens. YI is brave enough to claim that this is the “best action camera ever”, with other features including 2.19-inch Retilla Gorilla Glass Screen, default Wi-Fi and 2-hour battery life (when recording video continuously).
The Yi 4K action camera is able to record 4K video up to 30p, while there are also Full HD video recordings at various frame rates. There are 9 different shooting modes, which include modes that allow you to take photos, perhaps the closest competitor to YI 4K Action Camera is GoPro Hero 4.

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

The YI 4K Action Camera is neat and tidy

YI 4K Action Camera with a neat shape, and is quite small and just right and comfortable in the palm of your hand. Because the lens protrudes slightly from the front, the lens may not fit in a very tight pants pocket, but a more loose one, such as a jacket pocket, should be fine.
It uses a basic rectangular design, but in fact, there is only one button on the YI 4K Action Camera.
You will find this above and used to turn on the camera, as well as to start video recording or to take photos.
On the back of the YI 4K Action Camera is a 2.19-inch screen, with Gorilla Glass, this design to resist scratches or collisions.

This is the appearance of the retina and can be seen from an angle of 160 degrees. It’s also sensitive to touch, and through the screen, you will make changes to the settings you need.

Yi 4K specification

Lens7-lens glass lens
Viewing angle155 °
Image sensorCMOS 1 / 2.3 ″ 12 MP (Sony IMX377)
CPUAmbarella A9SE75
Dimensions, weight65 × 42 × 21 mm, weight 95 g
Time-continuous recordsUp to 110 minutes of continuous video recording in the mode of 3840 × 2160 30p
Memory cardmicroSDHC / SDXC memory card up to 256 GB
InterfacesWi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 + 5 GHz / Wi-Fi Direct

Micro USB

Other featuresReplaceable battery

Using the Broadcom BCM43340 Wi-Fi module, which can operate in two bands (2.4 and 5 GHz), data speed reach 30Mbps

Dual microphone and Bluetooth 4.0

Video / Photography

In this article we will review video or photo cameras, no effort has been made to take pictures of art, displays or action films, as some readers want.

This article provides information about how to use videos,which can be used to monitor videos and how to use them.

Improve conditions and then compare them with other devices.

In the mobile application, with which you can control the camera, there are various choices of resolution and speed frames that you can use to take pictures which in the table look like this:

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

However, in the camera service menu, a list of all resolutions and frequencies may be slightly different.

If there is no icon, there is no choice. the format looks like this:

Name, ResolutionFrequencyVideo codecBitrate, Mbps
13840×216030pAVC H.264 [email protected]60
23840×2160 Ultra30p60
91920×1080 Ultra30p30
101920×1080 Ultra60p45
111920×1080 Ultra120p60
151280×720 Ultra60p45
161280×720 Ultra120p60

As you can see, in the name of six lines there is the word Ultra.

What’s the difference, for example, what is the difference between the 1920×1080 format and the 1920×1080 Ultra format? The frequency is the same.

And the resolution is the right copy. Maybe the answer is on the bitrate? No, and the bitrate is exactly the same in all the same formats, Ultra or not Ultra.

Even the keyframe distribution in the same flow? except that the bitrate is spent on them a little more. So, almost without feeling. Maybe this is all the difference?

The word Ultra means a viewpoint that is slightly larger than in the same mode but without the word Ultra.

However, the way in which this wide angle is stored in the video seems rather strange. The developer decided that wide angle was more important than no geometric transformation. He just took a wide frame and leveled it horizontally, adjusting the panorama to the standard dimension.

It turns out that by choosing Ultra mode, you have to get used to flattening the face, or stretching the video horizontally in its area while losing details.

Ease of use

The location of menu items is very intuitive, and the interface uses a small arrow that points to the right to indicate when several options are available. For example, 4K resolution offers 30 fps or 60 fps, and 1080p offers 30/60/90 fps.

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

However, you cannot use the touch screen when the camera is in a waterproof housing. Even though you can still use the multifunction button to change the shooting mode, you cannot adjust other settings.

The single multifunction button at the top of the camera is quite responsive to commands to start and stop videos and take still images.

Yi 4K Action Camera Design and Accessories

Yi 4K Action Camera has a rectangular shape similar to GoPro, but the fraction is wider at 65 x 42 x 30mm. The fact that the depth, including a prominent lens, is the same as the Hero4 Black which is impressive considering the inclusion of a 2.19-inch touch screen LCD protected by Gorilla Glass.

The screen has a resolution of 640 x 360 and is quite bright and sharp enough to compose shots and change the settings on the camera. At its maximum brightness, it can only be seen in very bright conditions, but can still be a little difficult to see.

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

The touch screen is a must because there is only one button on the 4K Yi Action Camera.

You will only rely on the touch screen here to do anything other than turning off and turning off or recording video and still images.

This is a problem if you use a 4K Action Camera in a waterproof box. Even waterproof cases are not included as standard.

The waterproof case is a puzzle. With only the solitary button available, you have to open the touch screen to make adjustments for obvious reasons

There is an Underwater mode that allows you to switch between still images or video mode by pressing the button, an action that usually turns off the camera. But with this mode, now there is no way to turn off the camera without opening the case.

In addition, you still have to open the case to access other modes, such as timelapse mode or timer.

There is no mount, too; You really only get a camera in the box.

The Yi 4K Action Camera has a standard quarter-inch tripod mount on the bottom.

The lack of accessories is quite frustrating, so consider this if you decide to take one of these cameras immediately before the trip.

The small speaker at the top of the camera allows you to set the device to beep at various volumes to indicate that the camera is recording or taking a picture.

Even with maximum volume, however, it can be very difficult to hear if it’s in the case. There is a multi-colored LED on the front and also integrated into the top button, but this can be a little difficult to recognize in bright light.

As a result, sometimes there is still uncertainty whether the camera is recording.

Yi 4K Action Camera  Connectivity and Software

There is only a micro-USB port stored behind the flap on the side that is used to charge the battery. There is no way to display output or connect an external microphone. The microSD slot is used for storage.

This camera also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for optional remote control.

The Wi-Fi pair with the Yi Action app is actually the most reliable

Cameras and applications pair up perfectly and fast at all times, and no problems transferring images and videos to smartphones.

There are some basic abilities to edit videos and photos, but what’s annoying, there is a watermark on the end result.

This application can also be used as a direct display, and there is a minimum delay between what you see on the screen and what is captured by the sensor. You can also use the application to change settings remotely.

Video Quality

Here are some examples of filmmaking in various modes. Of course, we will not put all 17 (modes) × 3 (quality level) × 2 (TV system) = 102 examples here. We will limit ourselves to some of the most “running”: 3840 × 2160 30p, 2560 × 1920 30p, 1920 × 1080 with three 30/60 / 120p frequencies, and one ultra-fast mode 1280 × 720 240p.

Then we do it with only one purpose: to determine which best mode has clear artifacts, and which ones don’t.


YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review
3840×2160 30p2560×1920 30p30p 1920 × 1080
YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

1920 ×1080 60p120p 1920 × 10801280×720 240p
YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

YI Technology 4K Action Camera Review

When you first see these stills, there is an oddity from the previous version of Yi’s action camera.

Namely – too many artificial blurred images. Apparently, the developers realized their mistakes. And in the new version of the camera, they took and rearranged the image! That is, making it too hard, unnatural. Usually, this sharpening is used to increase the contrast of the edges of objects in sequence.

So, if the surveillance camera provides a plate number that is easier to read. But anyway, in most modes taken by the camera, clear line jumps are used when reading the matrix.

Yi 4K Action Camera – Battery life

One area of the Yi 4K Action Camera has a good battery life, which is aided by a large 1,400 mAh battery. It can last for 2 hours 35 minutes when recording 1080p at 30fps. Note that the battery can be removed, so you can also carry spare parts.


This is a significant improvement from the successful A9SE SOC that was shown in the YI 4K action cam. This chipset consumes very low power while still providing 4K Ultra HD video quality that increases battery life.

8 Total Score

There are many things that are liked about Action Camera 4I YI, but unfortunately, there are also some that stop it from being a choice for a perfect budget. Although it's cheaper than the GoPro Hero 4, you have to buy additional items, such as a waterproof housing and stand, so you can use it as a real action camera - all of which increase prices. Although overall YI 4K Action Camera seems good, the battery door is too thin and looks open on several occasions. If you take a photo somewhere that can place sand or dirt into the camera, the image quality is inadequate The YI 4K Action Camera touch screen is very easy to use, but there may be excessive dependence on its use, with only one actual button. In addition, it's easy to accidentally swipe the screen when you hold it and change the shooting mode. The image quality is very good, although it is not comparable to the more expensive Hero 4 cameras, and does not seem suitable for newer Hero 5s. If you are looking for something that offers good value and is easy to use right away for your next vacation, YI 4K Action Camera is a good choice. Impressive battery life means you can hang it in a bag and not worry too much about running out of power when exiting. You can also fill it with a portable battery charger via a USB port if you feel deficient.

  • Battery life is long and doesn't take away any features when unplugged from the charging source
  • Can be hooked up with additional cameras sold separately
  • Multiple options for changing the camera's resolution
  • Super-reliable advanced Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Image stabilization feature can be activated at 1080p
  • The entire device is constructed of plastic and may break if handled too rough
  • The recorder had only one small hole, which can be covered over easily when touched
  • The additional protective housing is a must for underwater usage
  • You will find it difficult to use LCD screen in direct Sunlight
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